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Monday 10 December 2018
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Folking Carsulae 2014 TRADITIONS IN HISTORY memorial Carla Borghetti V-Rally choirs and folk groups _ 5 to 6 September 201

Terni (TR) - Folking Carsulae 2014 TRADITIONS IN HISTORY memorial Carla Borghetti V-Rally choirs and folk groups _ 5 to 6 September 201

Folking Carsulae 2014

TRADITIONS IN HISTORY-V memorial Carla Borghetti

Gathering of choirs and folk groups _ 05-06 September 2014

The Folk Group Different Mind of Terni, who is responsible for the rediscovery and revival of heritage danced and sang in Umbria Terni, organized for this year, a Folk Gathering will take place in the days of 5-6-7 in September 2014. Nell ' idea that the spread and the protection of folk traditions, is an important milestone in the creation of bonds of friendship based on the knowledge of local cultures and so on mutual respect of their diversity, Terni, its area, its province and its beauties art history, such as the Archaeological Area of Carsulae, represent the striking scenery for a meeting of different cultures and traditions, which, although all arise from the same national reality possess the peculiarities in terms of dances, songs and costumes. The event will host various groups and see how the protagonists from different Italian regions who will be engaged in the proposition in traditional costumes, dances and songs typical of the region of origin. The main event of the festival will be held Saturday, September 6 in the area of archaeological Carsulae that will see the performance of the various groups participating in the event.

There will be groups:


SONOS ET RECREU (Sardinia) -

Soluntum (Sicily) -

I PICETT OF GRENTA (Lombardia) -

I tarantati (Puglia) -

ANCIENT Vescia (Lazio) -

LI DE Monteco FOOLS '(Marche) -


LA FRULLANA (Umbria) -



Programme of the event:

Friday 05/09/2014

16.00 - Parade through the streets of the city of Terni until you get to Piazza della Repubblica.

17.30: - Inaugural Entertainment in Republic Square

19.30: - "Collesecco between folklore and traditions": touring shows and exhibition of the repertoires of the groups at Location Collesecco Montecastrilli.

Saturday, 06/09/2014

16.00 - Exhibition inside the archaeological site of Carsulae (TR) and final meeting with brief presentation of individual repertoires;

21.30 - "Folklore in Torreorsina", an evening with songs and sounds in freedom.

For more info:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/272917789570891/


Web site:



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Phone: 3890095817
Email: borghimassimilianoymail.com
Website: http://diversa-mente.jimdo.com/folking-carsulae-2014/

[Source: Umbria OnLine]


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