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Monday 25 September 2023
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The Invention of Solitude

Magione (PG) - The invention of solitude will be staged at the Teatro Mengoni Tuesday, February 11, at 21. A few weeks after the unexpected death of his father, Auster is found in the large house of a parent virtual stranger, who abandoned the family for years to retire in solitude stubbornly detached from the world and affections. Thus, discovering a little-known father and absent through ephemeral traces, objects and papers, the protagonist discovers the fragments of a strange existence, which is partly his own, tracing the life of a man who is hiding from the world.

A search of her missing father who forces him to deal with a loss, a lack that torments him as a person and as a son. But "the music of the case" wants the same Auster, in those days, is about to abandon his wife and, inevitably, even the beloved son. In a mosaic of images, reflections, connections and associations, fate forces so Auster to x-ray a life and reflect on the difficulty of being both father and son and how the case imperceptibly to govern our lives.

Paul Auster
written and directed George Gallio
Giuseppe Battiston
sets and costumes by Guido Flowered

a production Archivolto


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