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Saturday 21 May 2022
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FestACLI in Monte Cucco

Sigillo (PG) - Sunday, July 7, at the Holiday Val di Ranco in the Regional Park of Monte Cucco, will host the XXII edition of the FestAcli, 2013, organized by the Circolo ACLI "Ora et Labora" of Moat Vico in collaboration with the clubs of the area and the seat Prov.le ACLI of Perugia. The program includes in addition to a meeting entitled "Dossetti removed?", The S. Mass, the community lunch, the walk through the beech woods and secular musical entertainment.

This year will be remembered the figure of Giuseppe Dossetti hundred years after the birth. Politician, constituent, a lawyer and university professor, priest and monaco. It 'was a protagonist of the life and history of the twentieth century, serving at the same time the State and the Church, in two of the most significant moments for Italy and the world: the Constituent Assembly and the Second Vatican Council. An example of civic engagement and personal vocation, as a layman and consecrated, whose thoughts and actions are a historical and cultural heritage to Italy today, but above all, for that tomorrow. It will not be possible, in fact, out of the crisis by focusing only on economic parameters: it will be necessary to rediscover the set of values ​​that can help us build a spirit of citizenship inclusive and open to the Third Millennium.

The memory was entrusted to Giovanni Bianchi (former National President of ACLI) which will be compared with Giancarlo Pellegrini - University of Perugia and other distinguished guests.


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