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Wednesday 17 April 2024
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District Tournament - Gubbio August 14

Gubbio (PG) - On August 14, opens the usual appointment with the District Tournament

Gubbio, Piazza Grande - 18.00

In the beautiful and enchanting surroundings of the city of Gubbio in Piazza Grande you will find yourself immersed in the enchanting atmosphere of the Middle Ages, not only to watch but also a challenge to deal with our roots and in the most genuine and heartfelt expressions of culture and Umbrian tradition.

In the earlier days, in the streets of neighborhoods, are provided for evenings full of happiness and good taste.

But it is only the prelude to the great event of August 14:

- 18.00 "Sonata Campanone"

- 18.15: Parade of the historical parade in Piazza Grande and Beginning of "Tournament" with the challenge of shooting with the crossbow among the ancient Italian Balestrieri Gubbio, who compete with each other to represent the citizens of District:

San Giuliano
San Martino
St. Peter

and the spectacle offered by the flag-wavers of Gubbio.

At the end everyone in the streets to celebrate and appreciate the flavors of the local cuisine with authentic delicacies characteristics of the culinary tradition of Gubbio.
For tourist information and advance ticket sales:
Tourist Service Associate - Via della Repubblica, 15-06024 Gubbio
+39-075.9220693 Phone - Fax +369-075.9273409 info@iat.gubbio.pg.it
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