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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Pietralunga (PG) - Meetings, cultural exchange and discussion, even political, with the aim of strengthening the ability to network for sustainable development and quality. He wants to represent all of this, the seventh edition of the National Day of authentic villages that will be held in Pietralunga from Friday 20th to Sunday, June 22, between intattenimento, gastronomy and analysis. Details of the event have been illustrated in the palace of the Province of Perugia, Tuesday, June 10, from Mirko Ceci, mayor of Pietralunga, and Ivan Stomeo, president of the Villages of authentic Italian (Bai), an association which has about 210 member territories , for a total of approximately 500 thousand inhabitants, and that in Umbria sees the presence of Montegabbione, Papiano Marsciano and Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. The meeting also Marco Vinicio Guasticchi, President of the Province of Perugia, who spoke before the conference of presentation of the last provincial council of Perugia. "The Province - said Guasticchi - closes its democratic form of election of representatives, but it remains a point of reference as an institution wide area, especially for small territories. For many years we cooperate with the mayor of Pietralunga who has demonstrated a strong sense of initiative and will continue to support events like these that affect the small villages of which Italy is rich. " Return the small village to be residential and tourist destination through actions of territorial partnership networks in areas such as sustainable development and high-tech, tourism, food and wine, cooperation and welfare services.

This is the fundamental objective of Bai.

"Our association - speigato Stomeo - does not sell a brand, but gives a helping hand to support small community. The meeting between the villages is important to put together culture, good practice, and also to address the critical issues. " The party, therefore, entirely in the historic center pietralunghese. "The candidacy to host it - said Ceci - is also a little 'courage saw that there were the municipal elections which, fortunately, have seen my reappointment as mayor. We are ready to welcome our guests who come from all parts of Italy. " The first day, "Energy Day" will be dedicated to sustainable energy planning and, at 15, will host a workshop on European projects "Mershantility" that Bai is a partner and "100% Res community." 20 At the official opening with the mayors Bai and local authorities to continue to 21 with a concert of Neapolitan folk music. Expected, Saturday at 10 square Fiorucci, the meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Giuliano Poletti to the national convention "Territories and the community that we want to do ... update and re-launch of the Manifesto of the Villages authentic." From 15, space for concerts, folk dancing and flag-waving spectacle. In conjunction with other authentic Italian villages, the whole day will take place on the Feast of European music. Still in square Fiorucci, Sunday at 10, the meeting addressed the Commons project Bai "National Network of community hospitable" and then gastronomy and entertainment. For three days, the delegation Bai Sardinian manage the "Sardinia Restaurant" where you can taste typical and, increasingly in the historic center, between the stands and shops, Bai members will be showcasing their products and services. Friday 20th, in the afternoon, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22, the morning will be held, in addition, the National School of paesologia, an initiative led by the poet and writer Franco Arminio and organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Bai and Pietralunga.

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