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Saturday 01 October 2022
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Corsa all’Anello in Narni

Narni (TR) - Narni (Tr). Considered to be among the more historically accurate pageants of Umbria, the Corsa all’Anello race in Narni will be disputed from April 23rd to May 9th. The regulations governing the race were laid down in the city statutes of 1371 and it continued into the early 1600s, to be eventually revived in its original form in 1968.
The race is in fact a contest between knights from the three Terzieri districts of Narni - Fraporta, Mezule, Santa Maria, who in full costume must drive their steeds at a gallop and run their lance through the ring hanging from a cut out silhouette. On the eve of the race itself there is a vast procession in 14th century costume through the torch-lit streets, past all the windows adorned with flags.
In its heyday the Corsa all’Anello was the height of the annual calendar of festivities, cantered around the feast day of the patron saint, St Juvenal – Narni’s first bishop.
The hostarie taverns will be open throughout the festival, serving dishes prepared according to local Medieval recipes.
Info: 0744.423047, e-mail info@iat.terni.it.

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