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Monday 05 December 2022
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HARMONY BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH. Dance Workshop Sensitive dedicated to Julius Puddings. Bosco di San Francesco - Assisi.

Assisi (PG) - From Thursday 18 to Sunday, September 21, 2014, the Bosco di San Francesco, Well FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italian Assisi (PG), invites visitors to participate in a workshop Sensitive Dance titled "Harmony between heaven and earth" conducted by Laura Liuni.

It is a unique method that allows you to restore the connection of our body with the Earth element, training the mind to listen to the deep self. A freshly plowed field of olive trees in the Woods will be the ideal place to rediscover the essence of spontaneity and movement.

The work will be divided into two fundamental stages: morning, from 7 am to 12 am, will be dedicated to the awakening of the body, breathing exercises and listening.

In the afternoon, from 16.30 to 19.30, the practices of movement will be more dynamic and dedicated to the study on the analogy of the vertical shaft and that of the human being. Crucial will be the creation of a group of shared experience where the individual and collective work practices. In addition to learning to listen, course participants will learn how to move in space, in relation to self and other, leading eventually to create a personal expressive language and poetic.

Participants who have submitted an application for registration by September 10, are invited to gather Thursday, Sept. 18 h 16 in the shade of the oak tree in the garden of the Benedictine Complex of Santa Croce, and then attend the first lesson of the day which will take place from 16.30 20.30. From this place of great beauty, we will move led by professor Laura Liuni down a wooded path that runs along the bed of a river, in a sort of meditative journey during which you will be able to contemplate the work of the "Third Paradise" by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Finally, reaching the field of olive trees in the countryside.

Will be held instead of full-time the next two days: Friday 19 and Saturday 20, from 7 am to 12 am and from 16.30 to 19.30. Finally, the last meeting, scheduled for Sunday, September 21, will take place in the morning, from 7 to 12 and then to allow participants to leave.

The workshop is open to dancers, actors, musicians, performing artists and all those who are looking for a creative and expressive language. Not require the knowledge of specific dance techniques, but the aptitude and sensitivity to the motion, the willingness to create through the body, to discover their own abilities and poetry that will be valued, encouraged and nurtured in personal work and group .

The Sensitive Dance was born in the late 90s by the encounter between the dancer and choreographer Claude Coldy and a pair of osteopathic physicians and researchers, Jean Louis Dupuy and Marie Guyon. The original educational experience that ensued combines the principles of dance to what is originally move the body in its authenticity. It proposes to revisit the fundamental stages of evolution, consciously reliving the process of verticalization of the human being, so as to rediscover the meaning and potential content in the form and structure of the body and its evolutionary memory. Starting from listening thin, the body gradually blends with the natural elements, integrating spontaneous emotions and feelings together with an awareness of the profound connection between body and spirit, between the human being and the earth in which they live.

The teacher Laura Liuni is formed in Theatre Dance, Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation. Encounter with the maestro Claude Coldy, following graduation in 2003 at the school's three-year Sensitive Dance, where he met the pair of osteopaths Jean Louis Dupuy and Marie Guyon, from which it has taken the notion of the sanctity of life and the vision of the osteopathic movement. He has trained in Shiatsu and craniosacral and is a teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Conducts seminars in the studio and in nature Sensitive Dance.

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