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Thursday 23 May 2024
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I ^ Memorial Renzo Calcagnoli

Foligno (PG) -

In times like these you always have the feeling that the words are empty and which can not express the person that we're going to remember with our event.
On the day of the 1st memorial, we remember our friend with a few simple but essential words that make us think back to the wonderful man who was Renzo Calcagnoli.
We remember him as a quiet fisherman, but can teach us so much. And he has given us so much.
The company is strongly committed to organize this day, just to witness that all that he has left us we need to move forward, to never stop to grow as a sports club and as a group of friends.

Your participation, your presence here today is a further confirmation that Renzo was a great man, a great friend who left her experience his enthusiasm and his passion for fishing to our service.

"A day to remember, a lifetime in our hearts."

Our Memorial also aims to be a time of gathering and education. A day to meet, communicate, meet new people, but also to have fun and try out different emotions. The contact with nature, with the land, with our beloved River Sand Martin are important elements that form the backdrop to the event. Our intent is to bring all of this discipline, to try all the wonderful feeling of when the trout takes the bait and pulls into the barrel, to touch nature with your hands, to breathe clean air in a charming natural scenery: the 'important for us is to take part, be active, such as Renzo has done with all of us.

We also have the honor to present, as garista, the neo-sample italianoindividuale FIPSAS trout stream Bruno Spino. Official Sponsor of the event is Italica Fishing Tackle Division which has provided rich rewards with their products, but already at the top emerging company in the production of reeds maneuvered for this fishing technique, offering the best quality at the best price in the market.

The race will be divided into 8 sections as follows: 6 for the professional, amateur and 1 for 1 for lovers of spinning. The race chosen field is the stretch of River Sand Martin that goes from the train station Pontecentesimo to rise. Meeting 06:30 am at the Bridge of Pecoraio starting event scheduled for 08:00. To subscribe, call Mr.. Pierluigi Casini to 329/1813601 or Mr.. 334/8911729 Andrea Antonini or send a Facebook message to Mr.. Fabrizio Reali: public relations officer of the company as well as the creator of the event on the social network.

To crown the most of this day the company has decided, by mutual agreement with the family Calcagnoli, to donate the proceeds from the event to charity; will also planted an olive tree, a symbol of eternal peace and aggregation in memory of our Renzo,  

You are welcome.

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