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Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Theatre Sunday for Boys - December

Perugia (PG) - And 'now an eagerly awaited one with the children's theater in Perugia. Also this year the best year Italian companies take turns on stage at the Teatro Brecht of Perugia with shows for children aged 3 to 10 years. Here are the events of December.

Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 16 and 18 hours *
THE LABORINCOLO - Fontemaggiore
The Miracle of the Mule
Age 4-10 years

During a storm, the bishop Simplicio with his mule Santuzza takes refuge under a large apple tree, famous for never having given a fruit. The sun came out, miraculously appear among the foliage of the fruits! The young Poldino not believe his eyes: now you can cook apple pie and marry his Orsola!
But Death takes a hand and steals the cake, to offer to devils and saints, during a dinner organized for them to agree ...
The young enamored man did not give in and down to the underworld to infiltrate the pantry and ... Orsola! What are you doing here?

Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 16 and 18 hours *
A Christmas Carol
Age from 5 years and for all

A wonderful spectacle that is above all music. In a small scene lies on the map of London three musicians accompany the classic novel by Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol".
A sick child who will die if the shadows of the future will not change.
The change can be in the hands of an adult who, spurred by the spirits of the past, present and future, will have to consider his experience and foresight to have on tomorrow if he wants to give a happy ending to this story. Until you discover that "every day" can be Christmas, a celebration, perhaps without gifts ...

Thursday, December 26, 2013 at 17
The Three Little Pigs
Age 3-10 years

Lazy, Middle and Wise, the three little pigs a name that carry the story of a destiny, give life to one of the most famous of Fontemaggiore.
The choice of material to build the house becomes the pretext for reasoning on the pleasures and duties of life, on the advice of a mother very much present, fear of going to the world alone, real or presumed existence of the wolf.
The figure of the wolf, played by actors in turn, played between the need to follow their own animal nature and the desire to frighten, in the knowledge that children are a bit 'like to be afraid ...

* For the shows on Sunday 1st and December 8th 2013, two performances at 16 and 18 hours: Space is limited, reservations required by calling at 075 5286651 from Monday to Friday 10-15 hours.

Admission € 6.50
The day of the show in the theater, from 15

On the Saturday before the show, 10-12.30, at the theater box office (ade meaning of the show on December 26).

Subscription to 11 shows full € 60
Subscription to 6 shows full € 33 (of six shows must be selected at the time of subscription)

And 'possible to the subscribers of the theater box office from Monday 28 to Thursday, October 31 and Saturday, November 2 at 17-20 10-12.30

Convention Coop Centroitalia
Reduced admission € 6 (max 3 tickets per card)

Subscription to 11 performances € 55 (max 3 subscriptions to card)
Subscription to 6 shows € 30 (max 3 subscriptions to card)

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