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Tuesday 24 April 2018
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"Sensational Umbria" - Steve McCurry in Assisi

Assisi (PG) - From September 30 to October 15 at the Sala delle Volte, in the historic center of Assisi, Umbria view from the famous American photojournalist. "Sensational Umbria" is the title Steve McCurry gave the project the Umbria Region for the construction of 100 photographs. The images run through a land "full time", past and present, seen through the eye of a great interpreter of contemporary reality and with an international vision of their work.

The project is part of a task of branding the Umbria Region is implementing. The values ​​and contents of Sensational Umbria are those of the environment, culture, territorial quality, the craft and industrial production that are inspired by the history and culture of the area Umbro. Steve McCurry's work is inspired by these themes, in accordance with its own interpretation of the reality he faced.


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[Source: Umbria OnLine]