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Monday 05 December 2022
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Cactus Ladies

Torgiano (PG) - Torgiano (Pg). Stephanie Seymour Irony is the driving force that accompanies and inspires the work of Stephanie Seymour, American artist, resident in Perugia, Italy. Her exhibition of paintings entitled Cactus Ladies will be shown from November 6 until December 4, 2010 at the Art Space of Mandarini Furniture Showroom, organized by the Cultural Association, Città del Futuro. Provocative, creative, always ready to experiment new techniques and daring combinations, Stephanie Seymour arrived in Europe many years ago, hoping to escape American consumerism. After much time, looking at what surrounded her, she realized that the world she escaped followed her to Italy, where consumerism and the desire to “show off” are by now, common values. In this and in other small things Stephanie finds the occasion for a smile, an ironic twist, an extroverted idea, that in her hands, immediately becomes art. In this same spirit, the Cactus Ladies were born: an ironic and irreverent idea (the legs of women, symbol of perfection and object of desire…) that had been in her mind for quite a while, and all of a sudden she expressed it in art form. Last year Stephanie presented at her exhibition “Out of Place” a first work on this theme entitled Cactus Ladies. From that first painting a series was born. Stephanie went wild for her spunky women, colourful, imperfect, critical, ironic and reflective, creating a new exhibition, exclusively dedicated to them. A strong criticism of the society of today, imperfection against the glossy perfection offered to us by television, the irony of who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and knows how to look at the world with comprehension and empathy…these are the elements that make the racy and untouchable Cactus Ladies warm and human. With an attentive and knowledgeable use of color (the scene is often of a single chromatic theme, while at times the viewer remains surprised at daring contrasts), the obsessive repetition of forms and the attention to negative space that becomes as important as the object itself; a study of the meticulous compositions of Stephanie Seymour but free from strict rules, makes of Seymour’s art an experience to fully enjoy. Opening - Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 5:30pm.

Info: 075/5990662.

Phone: 075/5990662
Email: stephanieseymourartgmail.com

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