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Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Saturday, September 20, 2014



At Foligno the first meeting that tells the expansion of the Multiverse: The network of coworking in central Italy

Saturday, September 20 at 14:30 Multiverse Foligno, located in Piazza del Reclusorio will host the first annual meeting of the Multiverse Coworking network; the network of coworking in central Italy.

The headquarters of the Multiverse Foligno opened in May this year be hosting coworkers from Florence, Lucca, Siena and the opening of offices in Arezzo and Pistoia. We discuss the prospects of the network and the main novelty planned for the 2014-2015 season.

Michele Magnani coworking manager based in Florence explains, "the network is growing, and we expect that the expansion is affected by a further acceleration in 2015 The occasion Saturday will be very important, in addition to the story and to compare experiences will be presented some of the result of this new form of collaborative work, such as the birth of a spin-off which will be submitted by Saturday. "
Elisa Cesarini. Coworking Manager illusterà Multiverse Foligno, how did the coworking "public", the importance of networking in the social network Foligno and benefits of common strategies. "We believe that the crisis can only come out with innovation and building of shared projects, combining the knowledge and allontanado parochialism that both have lived in our region. Tarsformarsi Only those who are able to quickly and adapt to new social norms can sopravviviere, evolve and grow. "

Finally, the Mayor of Foligno Happy Mismetti who will be present with a greeting speech says, "as well as being happy to have contributed to the creation of the first coworking Italian public and to be honored that this is part of a network for interregional now (hopefully soon national), we are also honored to host the first meeting of the entire network Multiverse. The city administration as well as giving the opening words for the realization of coworking in Foligno, firmly believes that it is an essential tool to support the recovery and innovative development of the whole territory of Foligno and the first months of work is demonstrated through the skills of coworking managers and coworkers that animate the space. "

The Program

In the morning: update and news from the Network for the coworking manager

In the afternoon

Greetings from the Mayor of Foligno Nando Mismetti:


Coworkers Pitch; u
na work session shared with a focus on the main features of the premises, projects useful to the network and / or the exchange of job opportunities.

> Foligno, the public face of the Multiverse, Elisa Cesarini. Coworking Manager

> A project by sharing, by SRL augeo & Socialappstore.com.

> The shared marketing of our products and services - Florence

Silvia Baracani, Coworking Manager

> Multiverse Siena coworking between aggregation and formation, Antonio Menguzzo, Leonardo Giovannetti, coworking manager.

> MY SNOOPER application sentiment, Ernesto Di Iorio, Marco Ernandes of Quest.It

> Why a travel agency in a coworking, Luca Pelosi Corymbus travel.

> The law on the WEB, Fabio Maggesi, Lawyer

> A year after opening: new perspectives - Lucca. Fabio Angeli & Mariano Fazzi, coworking manager

16.30 Pitch of the seats in the opening (12 min.)

Presentation of the future headquarters, the social structure, characteristics and / or projects to share with the network.

> A coworking in the center of Arezzo, Lorenzo Bresciani, Studio Rosadini- Bresciani and associated Salcini & Stefano, Senior Developer

> The project and the services of Pistoia, Franco Pupillo, Advertising Agency Pupillo & Co Fabrizio Porciani, Analysis and Applications Development for Smart Internal Agency Coworkers

A project in the making for 2015:

>. Coworking and technology centers: a world power Maurizio De Santis, Prato


18 Hours Apericena

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Phone: 328 5974657
Email: folignomultiverso.biz
Website: www.multiverso.biz

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