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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Feast of Frasca 2013

Giano dell'Umbria (PG) - The COMMEMORATION OF THE FEAST OF FRASCA, eighteenth edition, will be held from 30 November to 01 December 2013. The "Feast of Frasca" was a tradition typical of different rural areas of central Umbria, linked to the period of the collection and processing of olives. Once the collection phase was celebrating the so-called "buonfinita", setting up on the threshing floor of the farmhouses of impromptu parties decorating with small gifts, usually destined to the owner or to the "newel" (the coordinator of the workers), a branch of olive tree (in the Umbrian dialect called "the bough").

Around the plant decked gathered for the feast all the protagonists of the collection. At the sound of accordions people danced the "pop up", they performed folk songs, accompanied by generous wine and savor the simple dishes of the country kitchen. To dress in the olive festival is used variety of objects, from colored ribbons with fruit, candy and small toys for children, including small gifts for the guests of honor, such as socks or ties.

A Giano this tradition has remained alive until the end of the 50s. Since 1996 the City of Janus has commemorated the event "The Ways of Oil", which is held every year. Today the feast of Frasca is commemorated with a parade through the streets of the small medieval village.

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