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Friday 09 June 2023
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The city of Corpus Christi

Orvieto (TR) - For the 750th anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle of Bolsena (1263), and Bubble "Transiturus" of Pope Urban IV (1264) - which established and promulgated by the Orvieto Solemnity of Corpus Christi - and at the EXTRAORDINARY TWO YEARS JUBILEE 2013-2014 announced by Pope Benedict XVI, will be held Saturday, June 8 in Orvieto a great day of celebration and reflection in spiritual program in the Cathedral square - one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in the world - combining an important moment of recollection and meeting around the mystery of the Corpus and a spectacular event that brings us back to the splendor of the great medieval street parties.

The event, organized by AR.TE Teatro Stabile of Innovation, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto and the City of Orvieto - in collaboration with the Diocese of Orvieto-Todi, Opera del Duomo of Orvieto, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Region Umbria, the Chamber of Commerce of Terni, Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto, As.tro - stands as one of the most important of the 2013/2014, in a unique and highly suggestive. The goal is to create an event that will become permanent fixture within the celebrations of Corpus Christi, for both the local community and for the many faithful who arrive each year in Orvieto. Precious, in this sense, proved to be the collaboration with the Opera del Duomo. "The project related to Corpus Christi - explained the Artistic Director of AR.TE Maurizio Panics - is centered around the representation of the Sacred Drama" Miracle of the Holy Corporal "in the interpretation of a large group of established players in the national theater scene, accompanied by a great medieval festival in the streets which brings us back to the history of Orvieto. From here the connection with the prestigious Historical Procession of the City and the involvement of representatives of the Chess Game in Marostica and Flag Wavers of the Villages and Sestieri Fiorentini, which will pay homage to Orvieto with a large embassy. The event combines the great history and cultural heritage of the city with a party of flavor fourteenth century and a spiritual reflection on the Miracle of the Corporal. All Orvieto, for the occasion, will be involved, thus creating the conditions to live a significant moment of cultural tourism to visitors, pilgrims but also the citizens themselves.

"Sacred drama" Miracle of the Holy Corporal "The program provides for 8 June at 21.30 the setting up, in front of the Duomo of Orvieto, the" Miracle of the Holy Corporal ", a free adaptation of Joseph R. Penny of the Sacred Drama of anonymous of 1300, already reworked in 1951 by Ferdinand and Tamberlani D.Titta Zarra. The Sacred Representation of the Miracle of Bolsena, revived with modern technology and visual aids, is a contribution spectacular part of a greater moment of attention and prayer for one of the holidays most representative of Christian culture. The direction is entrusted to the Artistic Director of AR.TE MAURIZIO panics, director deeply appreciated with thirty years experience in contemporary theater and in the adaptation of classical texts, which for several years has made major productions for the Theatre Festival of San Miniato. The scenic part-view is curated by Paolo Micciche, a leading expert on visual show, with whom AR.TE has done in the past on an interesting project Judgement by Luca Signorelli. Among the actors, all important and qualified professionals in the Italian theater scene, set in the most important roles, Paola Gassman, Luigi Diberti, Renato Campese and Alessandro Federico. THE MEDIEVAL FEAST In the afternoon, before the Sacred Drama, is scheduled at a time of 18 very special show with the evocation of a medieval festival in the square and the representation of a game of chess with living characters in period costume between the City of Marostica and the City of Orvieto. Participants representation (50/60 listed) in the prestigious historical parade of Orvieto, a representation (50/60 set) of the Historic Chess Match of Marostica living characters (one of the most important historical events of the Italian tradition, recognized as a "World Heritage d 'Italy for the tradition "from the Ministry of Tourism) and representation (50/60 listed) Flag Wavers of the Villages and Sestieri Florentines.
The City of Corpus Christi

Program June 8:

Piazza del Duomo - 18 hours (duration 1.20 h approx.)


CHESS GAME CHARACTERS LIVING IN A COSTUME BETWEEN CITIES 'of Orvieto and City' of Marostica with the participation of Corteo Storico di Orvieto historical parade of Marostica Wavers of the Villages and Sestieri Fiorentini

From 19.30 to 21.30 MEDIEVAL DINNER

Restaurants and Inns of Orvieto: Mauritius, L'Ancora, Al Corsica, La Buca di Bacco, Ancient Bucchero, Antica Cantina-l'Osteria Women, The Rock, Al San Francesco, Le Grotte del Funaro menu: - Appetizer with pancakes, bruschetta and crostini with cup - soup flavored with bacon and rosemary - Piglet (flavored with fennel) sweet and sour beans and oil - Pretzels cinnamon and honey - Water and wine

Piazza Duomo - 21.30 (duration 1.20 h approx.) Representation of SACRED MIRACLE DE DRAMA THE SACRED BODY of Joseph R. Baiocco, by anonymous fourteenth century with Paola Gassman, Luigi Diberti, Renato Campese, Alessandro Federico, Massimiliano Franciosa, Massimiliano Iacolucci, Andrea Brugnera, Rocco Piciulo, Daniel Pilli director Maurizio Panics visual scenes Paul Miccichè

INFO & PRICES: Medieval Festival - seats in the 12 euro

Medieval Dinner 22 €

Sacred Drama - numbered seats € 28

COMPLETE PACKAGE € 55 seats in the Medieval Festival Medieval Dinner + + numbered seats Sacred Drama (all prices are inclusive of pre-sale)

Info: www.teatromancinelli.it Teatro Mancinelli tel. 0763.340493 (from Thursday to Saturday 10-13 and 16-18) For reservations packages: AS.TRO Association Tourist Receptive Orvietana tel. +39 0763.300713

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