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Wednesday 17 April 2024
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Giostra della Quintana

Foligno (PG) -

From June 2 to 15 traditional appointment with the Quintana.

For over twenty years the city of Foligno twice a year tradition celebrates its most beautiful and famous, the Giostra della Quintana, on stage at the "Campo de li Games", a contest in which ten knights, representing the ten districts Foligno, test their skills in trying to thread a series of rings of a diameter gradually smaller, with a spear on a horse in the race.

The night before the competition, a historical parade of more than 600 people in costume parades through the streets of the city, therefore, speaks through the whole ride in its entirety.

La Giostra della Quintana, without fear of contradiction, is the carousel ring more exciting and difficult that it takes place in Italy. Not by chance someone has called the Olympics of equestrian competitions. Each rider takes the opportunity a "fake name", a name that identifies the race: The Gagliardo running for the district Ammanniti, the Bold for the district Badia Pertinace the formwork for the district and the Furious for the district Contrastanga and the Faithful for the district Croce Bianca, the Animoso Giotti for the district, the district for the Generous La Mora; Baldo for the district Morley, the Moro Pugilli for the district, the district for the Bold Sword. In order to achieve victory and to snatch the Palio their opponents in the place of action, each rider on the well-trained horse, taking a trip equivalent to 754 meters, scored eight on the track field. The intersection of this set is a copy of the ancient wooden statue, commonly called Quintana. His left arm holding a shield with the insignia of the city: the Lily and the Cross. The right arm and stretched out his hand and grasps, since 1946, a hook, to which the rings are hung with metal regulatory launches, must be threaded by the knights riding galloping horses. The rings are of three different diameters: 10 cm for the first round, 8 cm and 6 cm for the other two. Nine in all careers. The knight who in less time and with fewer penalty has completed its course will achieve the expected premium, that is the Palio (painted by a famous artist each time) that, on the evening of the victory, has a place of honor in the home rionale, where are stored those won in the previous Quintane. The District, in the complexity of its bureaucratic and organizational lives as one that joy, for which they are faced and overcome difficulties of various kinds, with sacrifices of all kinds. And if in the past centuries such events were formidable political propaganda aimed at the exaltation of a family or of a social class, now, in the form reminiscent of today, they are an occasion of great strength association, the exaltation of the country's history of operating activities of various levels as well as a modern cultural tourist vehicle intended. The city, therefore, speaks through the whole ride in its entirety.

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