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Thursday 23 May 2024
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Ameria Festival

Amelia (TR) -

Launch of the 2014 edition of 'Ameria Festival (www.ameriafestival.it), scheduled from September 12 to October 26 in one of the most ancient towns of Umbria, the Roman Ameria - Today Amelia, in the province of Terni - with a calendar which enjoys the artistic consultant general of Peter Stein that promises to be even more this year full of events and prestigious guests.


The program of events is organized for the weekend, so as to encourage, especially for those coming from outside the region, the opportunity to stay for the weekend in this corner of Umbria, so rich in history and art: every Friday (for Uto Ughi, Thursday), the festival offers a musical excellence; every Saturday prose, jazz or light theater; eno-gastronomic events every Sunday or public events.


Central, as in past editions, the role of great music, which is dedicated to one or more appointments per week. The Festival will open with the Requiem Mozart (Europe Music production), an absolute masterpiece of music literature of all time, which will be performed in the Cathedral by an exceptional choir of over one hundred elements, accompanied by 'Europe Music Orchestra directed by Sergio La Stella (12 September).

Among the musical events, great anticipation for the Concerto Soloists Veneti (September 19, in collaboration with Europe Music) direct dall'intramontabile Claudio Scimone and engaged in a concert of music by Albinoni, Vivaldi, Paganini, Ponchielli, Rossini. Whilst Bruno Canino with a chamber ensemble directed by John Fur, will compete (October 3, in collaboration with Europe Music) in a concert dedicated to Mozart.

Among the main events of the Festival stands out the expected return of two great musicians: Salvatore Accardo and Uto Ughi (both in collaboration with Europe Music). Accardo will go up on stage at the Teatro Sociale di Amelia (October 10) with his Italian Chamber Orchestra to interpret two of the most famous violin concertos by Bach (Concerto in A minor BWV 1040 and Concerto in D minor BWV 1043) and the Serenade for string orchestra in Dvorak; while Uto Ughi play (October 18), with the support of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rome, a program of music by Respighi, Vivaldi, Tartini, Mendelssohn, Sarasate.

Nor could, in a theater like that of Amelia, which are echoed in the past two centuries the voices of the most famous interpreters of Italian opera, the appointment with the 'work. It starts on September 26 with a traditional edition of La Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni (Europe Music production), as interpreted by Gianluca Zampieri, Paola Di Gregorio and Stefano Meo, for the direction of Maestro Stefano Seghedoni. On October 9, it will be the turn of the bell with the Speziale Donizetti Simone Alberti, Maurizio Leoni, Chiara Pieretti, Jade Frasconi, Paolo Pellegrini and with the Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta, conducted by Fabio Maestri.

Among other appointments should be mentioned the concert pianist Kikuko Kirose and soprano Kotoko Saitoh (14 September) and the Concerto for piano solo by Cristina Pegoraro (October 17), the latter dedicated to famous opera arias and two of the most notes of Beethoven sonatas, the Appassionata and Moonlight Sonata.

On October 4, is devoted to an evening in honor of Lucio Battisti emblematic title of a woman friend. The protagonist Egos Group, with the special participation of Mogul.

Two appointments jazz flavor: October 24 with Stefano di Battista and Nicky Nicolai and their Jazz Quartet, and October 12 with Rik Pellegrino and his Band, posing, very special guest, Gigi Proietti.

The prose is very well represented by Maddalena Crippa (September 13), which presents its own success: Italy, my Italy, a text that he sees on stage as both author and interpreter, directed by the great Peter Stein. On October 11, Francesco Stella and Julian Calender will perform a hilarious play, titled Without Incrociazioni.

Finally, on October 25 Laura Lattuada and Paolo Fosso will create almost a love song, a recital in two voices on the feeling of love, expressed through the centuries by the poetry and prose of the great European tradition.

The light theater is represented by two events: Nino Frassica & Los Plaggers Band (September 20) with a musical comedy show non-subscription; and Luigi Tani and Adriana Palmisano (27 September) that will be featured in a variety show called Café Chantant From the Magazine, accompanied by the voice of the soprano Tania Di Giorgio and piano by Patrick Felici.

The festival will conclude on October 26 with a concert by the Band of the Air Force directed by Patrick Esposito, on the occasion of the delivery of the traditional "Award Barbarossa", which annually since 1995, is awarded to "those who, in the fields of art , science, entertainment and journalism, has brought honor to the values ​​of our cultural tradition in Italy and in the world.

The program also includes two exciting and very nice dive in history with the Gathering of Ferrari and amateur vintage motorcycle scheduled for October 5; and with the review of media time and relief of the police on October 12.


And again, conferences and symposia dedicated to the great themes of culture, social issues, but also to the excellence Amerine, culinary and environmental issues. And art exhibitions: between past and present. Among the main conference we want to remember the encounter with Peter Stein dedicated to Staging opera, the presentation of the volume of Paul Ciampi and Tania Maffei dedicated to the Great War In the book, my son, you shall live.

Two conferences scheduled: October 16 is scheduled National Conference of architecture, which will feature eminent specialists, committed on three historical architectural themes: "The Urban Rome in the time of Sixtus V," "The lifting of works" and "L 'Ingenuity Borromini "; October 23 next conference will take place on urban and environmental titled "The city and the landscape: images of the territory" of relations with professors of the University of Perugia.

Very rich also offer art exhibitions, organized by Professor Luca Filipponi, president of Spoleto Art Festival, under the artistic direction of Prof. Claudio Strinati. Starting from September 12 until October 25, the city of Amelia show their guests ancient and modern works. From the works of Sandro Bini and his students of Terni, the exhibition of the great masters of the graphics of the twentieth century (Pablo Picasso, Renato Guttuso, Sassu, Salvatore Fiume, Domenico Purified, Sandro Trotti, Orpheus Drums, Giuseppe de Gregorio, Osvaldo Licini Sante Monachesi, Luca Alinari); to that on the Masters contemporary Italian sculptors. A separate chapter is dedicated to the female form. The program also includes an exhibition of the Masters of the Surrealism.

Ameria Festival is an event organized by the Theatre Company in collaboration with the City of Amelia, with the sponsorship of the Umbria Region and the Province of Terni.

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