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Monday 05 June 2023
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Cantemus Domino: course of Gregorian chant

Assisi (PG) - From July 1 to 6 show with "Cantemus Domino: course of Gregorian Chant."

"The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman liturgy: therefore in liturgical actions, on equal terms, it should be given pride of place" (SC 116)
The three-year course of Gregorian Chant at the Portiuncula, now in its second edition, is sponsored by the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and dall'AISCGre (International Association Study of Gregorian Chant) and is a contribution to the training of music in the liturgy, religious , priests, laymen and scholars of the genre, who want to combine training and study of the liturgical repertoire based on the current song books, and the most recent scientific findings and musicological, as a practical demonstration of Gregorian chant in the liturgy, according to the dictates of Vatican II .
Purpose: Knowledge, analysis, interpretation and direction of the Gregorian repertoire of the Mass and the Office through theoretical and practical lessons. The course includes lessons Liturgy.

Duration: The course lasts three years (one week for each year).

Course Venue: Papal Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels in Portiuncula - Assisi (Pg).

Target Audience: Teachers of choir singers and musicians, entertainers of sacred song, liturgists, priests, religious men and women, lovers and lovers of Gregorian chant.

• P. Maurice Green, OFM (theory and practice);
• P. Matthew Ferraldeschi, OFM (theory and practice);
• P. Andrea Dall'Amico, OFM (liturgy).
Registration: by 25 June 2013.
At the end of each annuity will receive a certificate of participation.

Info and registration: Tel: (hours: weekdays 9.00-12.30/15.00-18.00) www.porziuncola.org - cantemusdomino@libero.it

* Those registered are asked to possession of the following texts: Graduale Triplex - Graduale Simplex (purchased at the Catholic Libraries and / or Musical).

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