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Thursday 23 May 2024
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April 2011

Perugia (PG) - Perugia. The Perugia all'Improvviso drama improvisation festival continues on April 30th at 9.30pm in the Teatro dell'Equilibrio with IMPRò Perugia vs Milano.
    Teatro dell'Equilibrio, Via Cortonese 115.
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Norcia (PG) - Campi (Pg). Campi will be holding its Piantamaggio May Pole festival on April 30th, with a poplar felled in the nearby countryside and carried into the main square as a symbol of the regeneration of the seasonal life cycle.
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Preci (PG) - Preci (Pg). On April 30th Preci will be reviving its ancient Piantamaggio May Pole event, with a poplar felled and carried into town to be hoisted in the main square as a symbol of fertility and regeneration.
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Spoleto (PG) - Spoleto (Pg). From April 30th to May 30th Palazzo Collicola will be running a show of works by Marco Agostinelli, Fabrizio Carotti and Gianni Politi, all called in under the recently appointed director Gianluca Marziani. Free admission.
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Perugia (PG) - Perugia. On April 30th at 8pm the Antica Salsamenteria Italiana will be holding an evening of the finest cured meats such as Parma ham, culatello and Felino salame accompanied by tenor Carlo Montanari. Prior booking required.
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