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Friday 02 June 2023
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The band Captain Melis

Perugia (PG) - On June 6 at 17:00 as part of initiatives to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Umbria in Perugia will be presented at the Foundation Ranieri di Sorbello in Piazza Piccinino 9, the volume La Banda del Capitano Melis (Murcia 2013) Marcello Marcellini. Speakers include Professor Alberto Stramaccioni and lawyer Francis Lovers, will coordinate the Professor Ruggero Ranieri.

The book reconstructs accurately and documented the story of a partisan military after September 8 was formed in Gavelli in the Nera Valley, on the initiative of a group of officers under the command of Captain Ernesto Melis of sharpshooters, the son of Guido Melis, the warden of Spoleto. Ernesto Melis considered his training "a nucleus of the reconstituted Italian army" and wanted to call its components patriots and partisans. After the first victorious battles with the Germans, the fame of this formation consists of several hundred units spread throughout Umbria. Roberto Battaglia who was a member wrote that many young people from Spoleto and other parts of southern Umbria joined Melis attracted by its "resolute look and a something mysterious emanating from his eyes."

The military resistance that developed in central Italy is still waiting to be studied in depth and the volume of Marcellini has the merit of helping to bridge this forgetfulness, perhaps not entirely random, the historiography of the Resistance.

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