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Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Croquefer & Tulipatan

Spoleto (PG) - Croquefer & Tulipatan are two comic operettas of a single act by Jacques Offenbach on stage at 21.30 on Thursday 11, Friday 12 and Saturday, July 13 at 17.00 to 16.00 during the Festival of 2Mondi.

There are many stories of Croquefer. On the one hand the great medieval legend, here pleasantly abused for the sake of parody and the joy of anachronisms. On the other hand, the history of the play itself. In fact, the censorship, the legacy of royal privileges, prohibits a piece sung by more than four characters to be represented outside the opera - provision that the authors not only ignore but choose to ignore, relying on the goodwill that the ministry has so far granted. However guilty of naivety: censorship in fact opposed to two days before the representation, and spreads panic. The librettists Jaime Tréfeu and therefore have a terrific idea to transform the character of Mousse-à-Mort: they will say that he was his tongue cut out by the Saracens and its text will be 'yelp' or posted on the banners, a method tested by Fair of the 18th century to nip the privileges of the Comédie-Française. Perfect. In this way, the ministry has fun and at the same time we understand that under the trappings, each story is joined to another ...

Ten years later, Offenbach presents L'Île de Tulipatan. In a world of disguises, it becomes habit: If, in the German tradition, the roles of the girls are often embodied by the tenors, with Offenbach seeing men taking female roles when they have to interpret a particularly gruff personality (as in Mesdames de la Halle ), or women who dress to demonstrate the value of men (see Paimpol et Périnette). After a successful first, L'Ile de Tulipatan tells the revenge of nature on all the imperfections and finally the victory of love.

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