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Thursday 08 December 2022
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Stories Villas and Gardens: Santa Maria della Spineta

Fratta Todina (PG) - Saturday, July 6, Stories of Villas and Gardens will be at the Convent of Santa Maria della Spineta. The earliest records are linked to the presence of one of the oldest Franciscan convents, dating back to 1291. The convent has functioned as a novitiate until 1927; among the students there was also Fantosati St. Anthony, bishop and martyr killed in China in 1900.

Free guided tours but limited: reservations required.
I turn to visit: 15.30
II round of visit 17:00.

For more info and bookings: Province of Perugia, Sport and Tourism Promotion Office Tel +39 075.3681657 turismo@provincia.perugia.it www.provincia.perugia.it.

Please note: Bookings can only be made in the week prior to the visit chosen, with hours Monday-Friday 9-13.

Stories Villas and Gardens is a guided tour between villas and gardens, castles and palaces, beautiful and unique places open for the occasion: this is "Stories of Villas and Gardens", the event organized by the Tourism Department of the Province of Perugia scheduled until September. Now in its ninth year, the initiative consists of itineraries for guided tours of historic homes, public and private, of particular interest, such as villas, palaces, castles and gardens of their relevance.

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