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Tuesday 05 July 2022
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Trails in the summer - August and September

Città di Castello (PG) - Throughout August and until September 15, returns the new edition of the Summer Trails, the event was created with the aim of enhancing the Upper Tiber Valley through events that will take place within the structures of the most important museums and places of particular historic and artistic interest of the area, turned to a very diverse audience, both citizens of the valley and tourists, and suitable for adults, families and children.

Saturday, August 3 17.30 Municipal Art Gallery, Contemporary Artists Citta di Castello in Citta di Castello Afternoon to discover the artists who have lived and worked in Citta di Castello in the same period in which Alberto Burri proposed its innovative art leaving significant traces of their language in monuments, churches and palaces of the city. Participation fee € 6.00

Sunday, August 11 at 16.30 Municipal Art Gallery, Citta di Castello Committenze The first evaluation of a work of art and spontaneous type, linked to our feelings and visual characteristics that it presents. The figures that we tend to associate with the framework are the subject and the performer but rarely do we ask who is the customer. The figure of the patron, however, has a key role on the execution of the work; religious orientations and political, social and economic status are reflected in the form and theme of the work request. This course intends to give voice to a figure, that of the principal, often overlooked highlighting the more affluent families of Citta di Castello, who promoted the art of this corner of Umbria. Participation fee € 6.00

Saturday, August 17 at 21.00 Centre of Popular Traditions - Garavelle The measurement of time. Rhythms and habits of our grandparents. Nice break from the hustle and bustle of every day to know "the times of nature," which was based on the work and life of our grandparents. Thomas Bigi will tell us the activities that marked the lives of farmers also investigating on the popular beliefs and ritual with which they were all carried out daily tasks. Participation fee € 6.00

Sunday, September 1
The city is alive: San Giustino between art, history and tradition
Day dedicated to the discovery of the historical and artistic heritage of St. Justin. The places, streets, churches and monuments the most interesting will be involved in an itinerary that will feature the ceramic Villa Graziani will welcome a trade show, the ruins of Colle Plinio will be the center of educational activities aimed at children and adults, the Castle buffalo will host an exhibition of ceramics unpublished collection of buffalo, and finally in the Historical Museum of Tobacco Science will be exposed to the collection of pottery of ancient Umbrian Corrado Belloni. Participation fee € 10.00

Sunday, September 15 at 21.00 Municipal Art Gallery, Citta di Castello Notes and dance in a late summer night The art, music and dance have been subject to constant mutations vary according to the tastes to keep pace with the times. The Palazzo Vitelli and the works of the gallery will be the main theme in a musical and choreographic original and engaging. Participation fee € 6.00

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