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Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Exhibition of Farro double and typical products of the mountain

Monteleone di Spoleto (PG) - The EXHIBITION OF SPELT DOP AND TYPICAL PRODUCTS OF THE MOUNTAIN: Emotions and Taste in High Altitude - will take place in Monteleone di Spoleto on 7 and 8 December 2013.

The ritual of "Farro of St. Nicholas" takes place from time immemorial December 5, the eve of the anniversary of the saint, the patron saint of the country. In such a circumstance, the priest prepares in the rectory of the church of S. Nicola spelled soup topped with a sauce of thin, cooked in a large cauldron hanging over the fireplace at noon and distributed to the residents of Monteleone, starting with the children, the privileged recipients, which on this occasion anticipate the exit from the school. The ritual commemorates the miracle that tradition attributes to St. Nicola, passing through Monteleone and impressed by the poverty of its inhabitants, would deliver the spelled to feed the poor. Just the permanence of this unique ritual has favored the continuity of its culture in Monteleone, becoming a characteristic trait of this territory.

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