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Saturday 21 May 2022
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Montefalco Urban Trek

Montefalco (PG) - The Municipality of Montefalco, Museum System in collaboration with the Land of Umbria, offers some guided tours pedestrian "Urban Trek," a new way of doing tourism, less structured and far from the most famous circuits. The tours are aimed to help you discover places, crafts and flavors of the past, through medieval streets "hidden", historic buildings, churches, cloisters and courtyards, to admire art treasures and unique views of the town of Montefalco.

S. Francis, St. Clare and St. Fortunato
6 July 2013_ h. 15:30
11 August 2013_ h. 10:30

Walk to discover the places of the spirituality of Montefalco, art treasures unexpected. "Inside churches and chapels, above doorways and altars discovered ancient frescoes peopled with delicate figures ... pervaded by joyful devotion." -

Francesco Melanzio
4 August 2013_ h. 10:30

Walk in the footsteps of discovery of the "painter of Montefalco ... delicious ..." able to portray in his paintings "... the atmosphere of spring green and blue ...".

September 22 2013_h. 10:30

Walk in the footsteps of discovery of the undisputed star of the territory ... His Majesty the Sagrantino "balcony of Umbria Montefalco ... found no element most emblematic and significant that his wine ...".

La Fuga del Bove
August 10 2013_h. 16:30
August 14 2013_h. 16:30

Walk of discovery to unravel the secrets of the hunt ox, according to "ancient custom", through the coats of arms, costumes and the neighborhoods that interpret and enhance the real atmosphere.

In the footsteps of Frederick II
September 21 2013_h. 15:30

Walk of discovery in the history of the city "... and here entering the networks of the legend here is that quite a hawk by rolling the window of the Assembly, and the ancient Coccolone got the name of Monte del Falco."

Meeting: Museum Complex of St. Francis
Duration: 3 hours
Degree of difficulty: Tourist - suitable for people of all ages.

Info and reservations:
Museum Complex S. Francesco (Via railing Umbra, 6)
Tel 0742 379598

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