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Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Hike on Mount Beretta

Ferentillo (TR) - Thursday, July 11, 2013, the Group Senior invites you to a trip to Mount Beretta, panoramic balcony of the Nera Valley, above the Salto del Blind.

The tour starts from the square at Colleponte (d. 270) to the paved road that goes up the mountain, past the first bridge on the right and the road becomes a dirt road forks. You take the left branch and after an initial ramp up to the left into the woods to reach the steep until the fork of the Thorn. (H. 1,30). Continue on the dirt road for a few meters and then take the path on the right leading to the plateau of Romitoria and their houses. (H.0, 40).

Continue on the path skirting the southern coast of Berretta, upstream of the spectacular walls of Salto del Blind and slightly downhill and reach the springs of Rites (h. 0,30). A short stretch of trail up to the farmhouse Footer Rites and then, for the first trail through the forest and then for large lawns, you reach the top of the Beretta (1149 m - h. 00:50), beautiful vantage point at 360 °. From the top down towards the water trocco and from there, following the dirt road to the east, you pass at Water Micciola and you get to the fork of the Thorn. Then you take the path outward journey and return to Colleponte, (h. 1,30).

Duration: 5 hours excluding stops

Difference in altitude: 1023 m

Altitudes between 270 and 1149 meters

Length: about 11 km

We recommend clothing and hiking footwear, and good supply of water!

Starting from its own resources at 7.15 from Pian di Massiano, or at 7:30 from Collestrada Return in the afternoon.

Franco Calistri 3475751347 - James Phases 3482665023 - 3487666713 Ugo Manfredini

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