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Monday 15 August 2022
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Via dei Pastori - Excursion CAI and CUS

Norcia (PG) - Sunday, August 4, 2013 in collaboration with the CAI CUS Perugia and Pro Loco di Castelluccio di Norcia organize a traditional Via dei Pastori, scenic hike in the Sibillini, with the end in joy in val di Canatra.

The tour's theme is pastoralism, which for centuries has marked the Sibillini the rhythms of life of the people and has dictated the uses, customs and the entire economy. The path chosen is the one that the Forca del Rifugio Perugia (1521 m) rises to Castellaccio (1654 m) and then earn the green ridges of the mountains Calarelle (m 1958), Vetica (m 1714) and Valle Sirica (1748 m), which divide the Plan of St. Scholastica (to the west, over 1000 m below). from the Piano Grande di Castelluccio (east, 400 m below). Near Poggio di Croce get off at Val di Canatra, with his co-Piosa source (1373 m), sought-after goal of the flocks after a day of walking on grassy sheep tracks at high altitudes. The excursion ends at the road then the Pian Lost (1340 m).

[Difficulties And length of about 12.5 km, altitude difference of 520 m, descent of 600 m, traveling time-ence about 4 hours.]
There are also less demanding routes that lead to the source of the Val di Canatra and then to the Lost Ground.

Are required for all good hiking boots and backpack good coverage for wind and possible rain. Do not miss the bottle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At around 13.30 at the source of Canatra, there will be a taste (generous) of pastoral products, all organized by Pro Loco di Castelluccio.

Info and reservations
No later than 18 hours of Friday, August 2, 2012 by e-mail at amicocai@yahoo.it, or by phone at 388 894 7087 (afternoon or evening), at Cus Perugia Via Todi, 10 - Perugia tel. 075.32120 9-12.

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