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Tuesday 06 June 2023
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The 68th Opera Season

FROM 12 SEPTEMBER TO October 15, 2014.

The Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto "A. Beautiful "with the program of the 2014 season confirms experimental theater of voices and new works of musical theater. Also this year, ample space will be reserved for musical theater of our time through new commissions in its first performance in Spoleto.
Depend on Marco Martinelli (historical founder of the Teatro delle Albe in Ravenna that has recently received the UBU prize, the highest award in Italian theater, the drama of the show "Pantani") written and directed the inaugural production of the 68th Opera Season.

It will be presented in fact the contemporary diptych (as part of multi-year project OPERA NOVA) specially commissioned by the Institution lyric umbra consists of two pièces, "The Gambler" and "Song of clichés", music by Cristian Carrara in scene premiere Friday, September 12, 2014 (20.30) at the Teatro Monumental Complex of San Nicolò di Spoleto, with repeats on Saturday 13th (20:30) and Sunday 14 (17 hours.) The direction will be handled by Flavio Emilio Scogna said interpreter of the repertoire of our time, while the singers Singing Competition winners will take part in the work will be joined by actress interpretation Ermanna Montanari, co-founder of the Teatro delle Albe together at the same Martinelli and Alessandro Argnani. "Inventing the diptych of this" new work ", commissioned by the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto, and I Ermanna Montanari, delicate and powerful allies to music by Cristian Carrara, we have built around this heartbreaking, double movement" - the director Marco Martinelli explains the creative process that led to the writing of the play and continues - "The first is titled The wing player, and tells the dramatic fall of a slot machine player, a drowning nell'azzardo, where every emotional bond is sacrificed on the altar of nothing; the second panel is titled Song of clichés, and reverses the negativity of the usual expression in a collective dance in which the "place" that you live is a place to share, a place "common" in fact, made up of songs and shouts of children and broken bread for all. "
"The intention is to create a diptych of work seats facing each other as in a mirror. On one hand, "The Gambler", dramatic work, and extremely current, where he lives the descent into hell man destroyed by gambling addiction, on the other "Song of clichés", where the game, the dance, they the best in telling the beauty of man and his life. Two distinct works but written with the same organic and designed to complement one another. Even the music itself to be shaped by this principle. On one hand, writing a scathing and cold, the other a sincere and ethereal as possible. " With these words the composer Cristian Carrara explained the musical choices that led to the writing of the diptych.

In collaboration with Free Spoleto and Umbria Free has been scheduled for Saturday, September 13th (17:00), a round table with the participation of experts studying the worrying phenomenon of the Italian gambling such as Marco Dotti (author of the two books on the subject "Slot City" and "The calculation of the dice") and Riccardo Bonacina (director and founder of "Vita non profit magazine") in order to raise awareness among viewers and young people to issues dell'azzardopatia.

The game also will be featured in the exhibition dedicated to the repertoire "forgotten": "Serpilla and Bacocco the" three interludes by Giuseppe Maria Orlandini libretto by Antonio Salvi. Ensemble The direction of the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale this year will be entrusted to Francesco Massimi, while directed to Sandra De Falco, fresh from the success of the 2013 Opera Season in the direction of "labor pains" operetta morality comes from "Opera Nova". Performances will take place at the Piccolo Teatro Di San Nicolò (Upper Room) Friday, September 19th at Spoleto ( 21.00), with a repeat on Saturday 20th (21:00) and Sunday 21 (17.00) with preview Auditorium in Santa Caterina di Foligno Signs Baroque Festival September 18th (21.15).
In addition to the game, in the staging of the "Experimental", the director Sandra De Falco has also chosen to highlight the aspect related to the desire: "The matter of which it is composed by Giuseppe Maria Orlandini this Intermezzo and Antonio Salvi, who meets the youth interpreters of our edition I immediately conjured up the word 'desire'. To desire is to look for what you are not, you can not have or you have difficulty to have. The true loves are not liable if you do not encounter a difficulty. Albeit speculatively developed in a dialectical relationship with a common sense of virtue, vice Bacocco of the game that cultivates and his wife Serpilla contrast, is their precious difficulty. With the unfolding drama of the various vicissitudes, the inclusion of musical anachronisms, and some must disguise, their agreement is recomposed and manifests to the sound of the beating of their hearts: 'Tap Tap-pe-pe-pe Tup Tup- pe - makes my heart '. On stage, the two performers create a relationship with the music writing from which arise the actions that put them in the report, in the common quest to become the body and substance of every note played by the fleeting vision of a dream. "

The "Experimental" does not forget the 'annual meeting with "Eine Kleine Klostermusik (3) 2014", show and music festival curated by Giorgio Bongiovanni and Michelangelo Zurletti, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Spoleto. This year, two concerts on 12 and 13 November (18.00) at the Monumental Complex of St. Nicholas will be dedicated to travel between opera and operetta, in memory of the centenary of the birth of the Advocate Carlo Belli, president of the "Experimental" who died last March. The Musical Concert "Francis Morley" in Cannock will host the event, during which will also lauded the famous singer of the past Gemma Bellincioni with the execution of famous opera arias. The operetta will be starring in the upper room with songs sung and recited. An unusual musical journey in the beautiful complex of St. Nicholas, where the public will decide in complete freedom to visit the space itself and attend various shows and performances which occur simultaneously.

Wednesday, September 24th (21:00) at the Piccolo Teatro di San Nicolò (Upper Hall), an evening dedicated to the Lied. "9 Songs & Lieder" This year offers the valuable opportunity to listen to "Die schöne Müllerin", a series of twenty lieder composed by Franz Schubert in 1823 on texts by romantic poet Wilhelm Müller. "The Beautiful Miller's wife" will be repeated in an original execution designed by Michelangelo Zurletti and director Giorgio Bongiovanni in a show accompanied by images that accompany the viewer in the atmosphere and story of young love. The Bulgarian baritone Alec Avedissian, winner of the 67th European Union Contest for Young Opera Singers, will be joined by an actor who will play some songs from text specially translated into Italian.

The Experimental Opera Theatre on the occasion of 150 years since the inauguration of the Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto (1864-2014) at the close of Season presents an original diptych which will work side by side at the beginning of 900 to the new millennium. "Gianni Schicchi" by Giacomo Puccini, inspired by the thirtieth canto of Dante's Inferno, it will turn to "Alfred, Alfred" Franco Donatoni, where the hell is the hospital of the composer, who was admitted following a diabetic coma, source of inspiration and subject of the work.

The direction dell'OTLi. S. - Orchestra of the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale will be given to Marco Angius, director of the most renowned and solid reference for contemporary music and 900: "The style of the work dried up Donatoni, the instrumental writing of vocal acrobatics that are opposed to the silence comic character, and the proliferation of microorganisms sound inlays of an ensemble that also includes plucked instruments of stylized ancestry eighteenth century, are the distinctive features of the office staff minimalist Donatoni. Under a system of grotesque scenes of "Alfred, Alfred," the dramatic irony donatoniana matter becomes ideal, highly ductile, against an implacable formal geometry of juxtaposed panels as television sketches; in them are intercut scenes of unlikely doctors and nurses at the bedside of diabetic composer and initialed by surreal monologues in the interludes that accompany each scene, until the final all'esilarante concerted Italian. The interludes in which these figures appear almost Fellini, are characterized by the effects of spoken / sung (Sprechgesang) transformed into fictitious duets with instruments / characters who are sometimes the way to certain clichés of Italian opera. "

For the diptych Puccini / Donatoni return to Spoleto actor Paolo Rossi, who made his directorial debut with the Lyric own Umbrian Institution in 2010 in "The Secret Marriage" by Domenico Cimarosa. Ironic and biting as the themes of the two works, inspired by original director will propose a circus imagery.

The two works will be staged at the New Theatre from Tuesday, September 23 with the premiere of 18.00 (confidential even in high school in the district).
Followed by two performances for primary and secondary schools in Spoleto, Foligno and other cities in the region, 24 and 25 (10:00 am) during which will be awarded to the winners of the 2013 Competition "Who is the scene? - The schools work. " The competition every year collecting the enthusiastic participation of the children and for them is a way of approaching and interested opera from the point of view of alternative compared to traditional norms. The students, in fact, are called to present processed in the form of theme, article, report or drawing on the work which was attended and which will be awarded during the next opera season.

From Friday, September 26th (20.30) diptych Puccini / Donatoni debut for the public in general, with repeats on Saturday 27th (20:30) and Sunday 28th (17.00).

Followed by the Regional Opera Season 2014:

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 September (20.30) at the Teatro Morlacchi,

Wednesday, October 1 (20.30) at the Teatro Lyrick of Assisi,

October 2 (20.30) at the Teatro degli Illuminati of Città di Castello,

Friday, October 3rd at the Teatro Comunale di Todi (20.30) and

Saturday 4th at the Teatro Mancinelli in Orvieto (21.00).

The Season of "Experimental" will end with the long-awaited participation in the European project dedicated to the cultured and embark Queen Christina of Sweden, in collaboration with the Royal Stockholm Festivals (coordinating institution of the project), the Barock Akademie in Vienna and the Foundation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris.
The project aims to enhance the figure of the queen, who, after renouncing the throne, he left Sweden in 1655 addressing the journey that saw her through part of Europe and Italy, until the arrival in Rome, passing through Umbria and for Spoleto.

The singers and instrumentalists of the Lyric Theatre will be the stars of a concert program featuring music by Corelli, Marazzoli, Pasquini Purcell, Rossi, Tenaglia, A. Scarlatti and Stradella in two events: at Rome, at the hall of the Palace of Hercules Farnese Monday 13 (20.00) and 14 October (20.30) at the Monumental Complex of St. Nicholas.

Wednesday, October 15th will be held at the Complex of St. Nicholas the conference "Christina of Sweden and the visual arts" (17.00) under the coordination of Prof. Bruno Toscano and the participation of Prof. Silvia Danesi Squarzina, lecturer at the Faculty of Arts de la Sapienza - University of Rome, and Professor Emeritus of the University of Pisa Normale Adriano Prosperi. Together outline from the point of view of historical and artistic figure of Christina of Sweden. The project is part of the cultural program "Strand 1.2.1" funded by the European Union of which is led by the Royal Festivals, Music Academy of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Season singers to participate in the Competition winners "European Community" for Young Opera Singers and selected items via the open hearings: the tenors Giuseppe Distefano, Mark and Edward Rencinai Milletti (all winners in 2012), the bass and the bass-baritone Massimiliano Mandozzi Biagio Pizzuti (2014), baritones Alec Avedissian (2013), Thomas Barea (2014), Andrea accounting (2014) and Sergio Vitale (2010). And yet, the sopranos Rosaria Fabiana Angotti (2014), Annalisa Ferrarini (2013) and Clare Margarito (2013), the mezzo-sopranos Otczyk Katarzyna (2011) and Clare Tirotta (2014), and countertenor Alexis Vassilev. On stage for the project "Opera Nova" also the Little Children's Choir of the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale.

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