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Saturday 21 May 2022
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Assisi Sacred Sound

Assisi (PG) - From 9 to 30 July 2013 the appointment with Assisi Sacred Sound, festival-oriented production and dissemination of music'' teaches spiritual orientation to the Franciscan spirit. Among his activities in Italy and in the World concerts, master classes, meetings and a competition.

The event is aimed at the rediscovery of the sacred dimension of today's music as well as classical repertoire, with the aim of combining music with the sacredness of the life-force of contemporary man.

Here are the details of the program:

July 9 9:30 am, Assisi
Conciliation Hall
• Greetings from the Mayor of Assisi
Mr. Claudio Ricci, Honorary President
Sacred Sound of Assisi
• Wave Mrs Monica Baldi,
Former deputy EU,
Honorary member of Assisi Sacred Sound

July 10 at 19, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
"The Pianist Wretch"
little opera in one act by Giuseppe Lupis

July 10 at 21:30, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
"Adsidera" for conducting non-musicians,
Ampele Orchestra and Creactiv:
A. Cerracchio, A. Amendola
-------------------------------------------------- ---
• • • • Sound and space
"On the Path of Sound"
(April 7, 2013 Kings Place - London)
(September 19, 2013 Konzerthaus - Berlin)
July 11 21 pm, Auditorium G. Alessi
Via E. Toti - S. Maria degili Angels
Music by the Italian premiere of GFHaas, RDRusconi, M. Stroppa
Introduction: Renzo Cresti
Kairos Quartet
Wolfgang Bender, Stefan Haussler:
violins alternating
Simone Heilgendorff: purple
Claudius von Wrochem: cello
Live - Electronics: EXPERIMENTAL STUDY
of the SWR Freiburg
Thomas Hummel: sound designer
Simon Spillner: sound designer
With the support of HKF Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin
-------------------------------------------------- ---
• • Music as training
July 12 9:30 am, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
Seminar Robert David Rusconi
and Kairos Quartet at:
"The sound in the space-time continuum"

• • Present Future
July 13 HOURS 10-18, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio room B
Masterclass by James Large (cello):
"Bioenergetics oriented dalcroziano for musicians"

• • Locus Iste
July 13 at 21, Perugia
St. Stephen's Church, Via dei Priori
Concert: Elizabeth Start (cello)
Michigan Sacred Music festival

• • Locus Iste
July 14 at 18, Perugia
Academy of Fine Arts
Variations on the works of the gallery of plaster casts
with James Large (cello)

• • • • Concert of silence
July 14 at 21, Assisi
FAI Bosco St. Francis
"43 ', 2" Concert of silence
(Interpreters: silence)
-------------------------------------------------- ---
• • The sacredness of music
July 15 at 21, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
"The explosion of the spirit
in the sudden Schubert "
Concert Sebastiano Brusco (piano)

• • Music as training
16 July 10-18, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
Seminar Marco Transparencies
musical creativity
in primary school,
possible paths:
the composition of basic musical
(Addressed to teachers
primary school)

• • The sacredness of music
July 16 at 21, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
Concert Natalia Mogilevskaja (piano) music of Messiaen, Transparencies, Bassok, Pereira

• • Present Future
18 July 10-18, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio room B
Masterclass by Maurizio Barbetti
(Contemporary purple)

• • Music as training
18 July 10-18, Assisi
St. Gregory Hall Room A
Seminar Angela Countess "Notedimezzo"
In CAR: Creativity of thought, emotions Harmony, Rhythm choices

• • The sacredness of music
July 18 at 21, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
Concert with Maurizio Barbetti (purple)
music by:
Gregory, Sani, Bignone, Dean
and Fabrizio Ottaviucci (piano)
music by: Scelsi

• • Present Future
19 July 10-18, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio
Masterclass Milton Masciadri
(Double bass) University of Georgia

• • Locus Iste
July 19 at 19, Perugia
Servadio Gardens (Via dei Gatti)
Meeting / consultation with
Milton Masciadri
(Double bass)
University of Georgia,
UNESCO Artist for Peace

• • The poetics of beauty
July 20 at 21, Assisi
Former Hall Art Gallery
(Town Hall Square)
"Read to me"
reading of works of poetry and literary and spiritual, sacred, music, beauty: Yasuko Matsumoto, Matthew Silva Cappelletti, Cyrus Masella, Stefano Loaf •
-------------------------------------------------- ----
• • • • Sound and space
July 21 to 22 from 10, Assisi
Hall of Conciliation
Conference "The Sound of Poverty temple space music"
A reflection on the material place
and spiritual music
Scientific direction:
M. Bianchi, A. Ceccomori
Investments and interventions:
Brother Alexander, Father Maurice Green, Lorraine Pesavento, Giulio Cesare Ricci, Elio Matassi, Lorenzo Russo, Plinio Perilli, Antonella Pagano, Matthew Silva Cappelletti, Michele Bianchi, Stefano Ragni, Piermaurizio Della Porta, Marco Nicoletti, Stefano Valente, Antonio Sagredo, Luca Chiaraluce, Alessandra Cesselon, Chiara Bertoglio, Carmelo Rosa Santos, Marco Palmerani, Valter Curzon
-------------------------------------------------- ----
• • Present Future
22 July 10-17, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio (San Gregorio)
Masterclass Sylvie Valayre (soprano)
"Opera and sacred"
in homage to Sergio German
18:30, Assisi
Sacred Sound to the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano

• • Present Future
23 July 10-18, Assisi
Sala San Gregorio room B
Masterclass by Domenico Pierini "Violin" (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino)

• • The sacredness of music
July 23 at 21, Assisi
Amphitheatre Citadel
As part of the XIX International Congress of the International Medico-Psychological and Religious Studies (AIEMPR):
Concert "flautomagico"
with Andrea Ceccomori
Ensemble and Sacred Sound
Presentation of Letizia Cerqueglini

• • The sacredness of music
July 24 at 20, Perugia
Santa Sabina - Golf club restaurant
Dinner and Benefit Concert
Mentoring Italian pro-US
Ensemble with Sacred Sound

• • New music for the sacred
July 25 at 21, Perugia
Auditorium marianum (Corso Cavour)
Award of the Third Concerto
Composition Competition Assisi and Sacred Sound Project Superflumina ISCM
Organ: Biagio Quaglino
Trumpet: Gabriele Paggi
Jury: Fabrizio De Rossi Re, David Anzaghi, Gianpaolo Luppi
In collaboration with

Music by Anzaghi, De Rossi Re, Luppi, Mirenzi, Bombardelli, Boselli

• • The sacredness of music
July 26 at 21, Assisi
Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli
for the review "Angelic Harmonies" concert in the Basilica
Organ concert: Biagio Quaglino
Music by: Mendelssohn, Brahms, Messiaen, Luppi, competition winning work
-------------------------------------------------- ----

28 July 10-18, Assisi
St. Gregory Hall Room A
Masterclass Fabrizio Ottaviucci
"The music of Giacinto Scelsi"

• • Present Future
29 July 10-18, Assisi
St. Gregory Hall Room A
Masterclass Fabrizio Ottaviucci
"Free improvisation"

• • Locus Iste
July 30 at 21, Perugia
Palazzo degli Oddi
Foundation Marine Clarelli Saints
Concert "Percussionharp"
the minimal music of Stephen Ottoman (vibraphone and harp)

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