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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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"White Golden Dark" by FRANCESCO BOSSO at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto

Spoleto (PG) - "White Golden Dark" by FRANCESCO BOSSO at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto

Francesco Bosso , artist, photographer and interpreter of the Italian landscape and wildlife in b / w, Spoleto presents the complete triptych "WHITE GOLDEN DARK" with the new project "After Dark" and the previous "White World" and "Golden Light" . The exhibition is included in the official program of the FESTIVAL OF TWO WORLDS .


WHITE GOLDEN DARK, by Gianluca Martians, is a threefold journey through panoramic shot that turns into pictorial material, including infinitesimal variations of black and white and its stirring, dreamlike abstractions and calibrated geometries. Three words from each of the cycles that make up the triptych; three inner visuals that condense in the dynamic rhythm of colors: white, which turns the fullness suspends optics and physics of the elements, the 'gold that adds precious ancestral places, the memory of their long course, the resistance that bypasses the mineralized 'human' s dark which adds to the smell of the night, the mystery of the hidden side, the depth behind every glare, behind every precious magic.


WHITE WORLD is the cycle of saturation, the vertigo of white sidereal, the ecstasy that leads to the dark necessary. The spaces narrated confirm the pictorialism of Bosso and his abstract consciousness, an expressive code that looks for the Platonic ideal beyond the surface, beyond the emotionality of the objective appearance, the poetic act beyond the fact narrated.   


GOLDEN LIGHT is an immersion in the figurative Icelandic landscape with Bosso which has a narrow line of alchemy; a box of precious intonations that is expressed in the rigor sacral atmosphere, in plastic volumes of the mountains, in the density of oily water, as if everything was mercury that holds the light, radiating metallic reflections and rays solarized. Here the light expresses an apex modeling, profiling becomes solid matter volumes in the landscape, to the point of making the color a sum epidermal and muscle.


AFTER DARK ideally continues the search for "Golden Light", along a gradual descent into darker tones, modulations detailed in the gray, and marked contrasts between the strong abstraction of the frame. Everything here is pure essence, the archetype of mental forms, geometry sidereal crosses the organic cycle of figuration naturist. The image is purified from all dross iconography, following the architectural imprint of Cartier-Bresson, creating sublime visions that move away from the ground and draw imaginary.   



Francesco Bosso always prefers the black and white modular, made ​​up of multiple variations of gray and tonal scales in between. His reasoning expression in a pictorial way, naturism in the powerful landscape. A visual methodical and slow, the result of long waits in places selected, high-quality materials to print on, techniques from the infinitesimal calibrations. The result of its cycles is a journey suspended, gaseous stage of the gaze, pure abstraction in the power of the path taken.


Martians writes in his book "White World": "The works of Bosso are daughters of a respectful approach, steeped in lived experience and a sense of roots. Understand that in his world coexist machinery for precious history, ancient techniques of processing and printing, fine papers on which the body takes the timeless look of the author. You hear the echo of some masters as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, John Sexton, Irving Penn, in general, feel the timeless traditions of a photographic approach beyond fashion, beyond the pure technology, as well as the easy media effects. "




White Golden Dark

Written by Gianluca Martians

For works: courtesy PHOTO & CO - Turin

OPENING: Saturday, June 28, 2014 16:00

The exhibition continues until September 28, 2014

Palace Collicola Visual Arts




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