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Monday 02 October 2023
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Show project Mag.Ico

Magione (PG) - The project MAGIC. Magione General Archive Collective Identity becomes an exhibition: exposed over a hundred large format photos that tell the story of Magione. The exhibition will be open until September 29 at the Tower of Lambardi.

The exhibition is the result of a major research work carried out by the ZONE Cultural Crossing, in collaboration with the local tourist and CISA - Centre social initiatives elders of Magione. Have been collected and stored, organizing them by subject, the photographs made available by the inhabitants of the municipality. The procedure followed a participatory educational system and shared. As well as the choice of images and the definition of the issues, even learning the techniques of cataloging and archiving were discussed and established publicly, in the course of numerous meetings conducted by Mara Preachers and Lorenzo Customs, along with all the seminar participants .
From the vast repertoire of historical images outputs from the drawers, over one hundred were printed in large format and displayed in a setting with a strong visual impact.
The exhibition will be enriched by a selection of photos from the archives of the Fund Focaia and well-known photographer and traveler Roberto Faidutti. In the background sound, a sound intervention by Riccardo Customs.

There will also be two other parallel events: a public work of Giorgio Lupattelli, inspired by MAGIC, near the railway underpass of Magione, and the exhibition of photos from the Fund Bartoccioni, at the Public Library, which will open during the week Magione.
The project, the brainchild of Maurizio Coccia, curator of the exhibition with Lorenzo Customs, is implemented and promoted by the municipality of Magione in collaboration with CISA - Centre elderly and social initiatives UNITRE Magione, Archives Mauritius Customs Museum System with the support of : Umbria Region Tourist Association ProMagione; Bank Crediumbria


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