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Wednesday 10 August 2022
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Photographic Exhibition in Narni

Narni (TR) - photo exhibition in Narni

At Narni great success of the exhibition   Picture relating to women who work sponsored by Narnesi   Committee on Equal   Opportunities of the City of Narni,

It is sold out   for the inauguration of the exhibition "Women Narnesi at work: crafts of yesterday and today." Photographic Collection from the albums of our families. The Commission thanks for allowing part of the family photographic repertoire, thus contributing to the realization of the exhibition and the enrichment of the collective historical memory organized by   Dr.. Ssa Mariangela Lucky for the Equal Opportunities Commission of the City of Narni.

A curiosity is that the poster is hand-written by a woman over 90 years of Narni Rosa Linda abbots, with photos from over a hundred years ago today, over 500 photos from the end of the 800 day old photos of women at work at the beginning of the century electro, Linoleum to the former Spea over a thousand jobs to women, from the companion to the trade.

Interesting the contribution of schools, and in particular of class 5B Elementary School of Narni, who accepted the proposal with enthusiasm. The young student armed with a camera, have sought for the city of photo images to work, with particular attention to the commercial activities of the center. This memory for future town.

Over forty families Narnians, you are then made available to share their photos with family, participating interest in the initiative. They are so funny stories arising sprightly ninety, who have opened their home to Mariangela, telling pieces of history Narnese. As the courses of sewing and embroidery, or the activities of women entrepreneurs for a very innovative, such as a laundry or a trattoria managed by women. Also interesting is the story of Fosca Umbra, showgirls of the 1920s of great national reputation, who after having trodden the theaters most 'famous at the time, retired' Narni where to open an inn with a restaurant.

Particular interest has been the cover photo of the poster, which depicts a sewing course took place in 1955, with the legendary Necchi sewing machines, and implemented within the municipal theater of Narni. An interesting fact was that to provide this photo was ... Rosanna, who at the time had made the embroidery of a pillow, which was then preserved and proudly showed Mariangela in memory of the old days.

Also interesting are the pictures of Anna Lizzi Keepers, that in the house of the people of Narni had organized courses of cutting and sewing in 1950, which the engineer. Keepers his son and founder of the competition named after the mother has made available.

Given the lack of availability of space, it was decided to make a video to show more photos received and studied and cataloged.

It 'will of the organizers of the show to donate to the town of Narni. copy of the images, leaving the city a tangible reminder of the images of women Narnians.

The exhibition will remain open during the hours of the museum until April 25, 2014

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