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Monday 17 February 2020
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Fulvio Di Gloria. The Crosses of Light. Museum of the Portiuncula. Old Convent.

Assisi (PG) - March 8-April 27, 2014. Exhibition "The Crosses of Light," presented for the first time in Rome, in the Basilica of St. Mark's Square in Venice, and subsequently exposed to the summer of 2012 in the rooms of the Mother Church of the Oratory Pantelleria, comes these days in Assisi, at the Museum of the Portiuncula, where, starting from eight March next, will host the 16 crosses made by Fulvio Di Gloria, inspired by passages in Genesis and the figure of the Holy Trinity.

The meaning of this exposure is well synthesized by the same author: "In common parlance," having a cross "means to suffer for something, to bear a burden, have a difficult problem to solve. In fact, in its Christian meaning, the Cross does not want to offer only the image of the suffering of Christ: but rather, it is the emblem of your choice, to give himself for the greater good. He relies on the will of the Father, in spite of the fear of death, and I trust your saves. But how can this experience today in our lives? During my thirty years, as all I had to face moments, times, difficult situations. Then, the proposal to hear a different word: human but not moral, not hypothetical but real life, everyday. Then, the gift of learning to translate His teachings in everyday life, in small and big things, discovering my flaws and being accompanied to their understanding and acceptance. Feeling a force able to move in from the difficulties in which we are located, capable of bursting to come out, and finally shine a light full. The cross for me is this: the symbol of Light, New Life I'm living since I discovered the true meaning. From here, "The Crosses of Light," a collection of fruit goldsmith techniques learned over the years, put at the service of the Christian faith with gestures that are done on a daily basis, which are reflected every day of my life. Each cross is made entirely by hand in every phase of the process: from the design to melt the metal, from the spinning of the Venetian enamels all'incastonatura gems. They present themselves as the interpretation of Creation told in the book of Genesis, in which along the seven days of the week, the Lord made the world and its creatures.

Fulvio Di Gloria was born in Pantelleria in 1982. Master of Science in Industrial Design, Politecnico di Milano, is formed between Milan, Vienna, and Rio de Janeiro. In 2007 he worked at Schullin & Söhne, with whom he sponsors wins the last edition of the International Competition Tahitian Pearl Trophy 2007-2008 Country Austria, both in the Section "Earrings" or as "Leaning". In 2009 arrives in Rome, where he learned the goldsmith's art, micro-mosaic and mosaic. Since 2011, manufactures and exhibited his works in the laboratory at 75 Via di Panico, in front of Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome.

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