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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Giotto's True Colours

Assisi (PG) - Assisi (Pg). From April 10th to September 26th visitors to Assisi will be able to take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to acquaint themselves close up with the frescoes of Giotto in the Basilica of St Francis’, both as they are now and through digital reconstructions of as they looked when they were painted. Visitors to the Lower Basilica will have access to the scaffolding erected for the restoration of the Giotto frescoes in the San Nicola chapel and watch the restorers at work, with the same ticket also valid for a tour of the Monte Frumentario exhibition space in Via San Francesco. The Monte Frumentario will present a show comprising some 80 works loaned from Italian and international collections, all focussing on the legacy of Giotto, alongside digital reproductions of the Upper Basilica frescoes as they would have looked at the time they were painted.

The Comune di Assisi has inaugurated a detailed road sign network indicating all the various places in the vicinity where the works of Giotto can be admired.

Info: 06 692050220-258 - cell. 348-8535647

[Source: UmbriaOnLine.com]


[Source: Umbria OnLine]


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