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Wednesday 06 July 2022
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Alessandro Vignali Placebo

Terni (TR) - From 4 July to 3 August 2013 to Placebo, will visit the exhibition "War played" by Alessandro Vignali. Opening Thursday, July 4 at 22:00. Exhibited 13 works by the artist of the years 1999-2013 never seen until now. That proposed to Placebo is also the first of a series of events which will mark the path towards the major retrospective held in Terni in the spring of 2014.

Alessandro Vignali, of Roman origin but resident in Alviano for decades, is one of those artists who - in spite of a very broad and unanimous consent harvested between the insiders - ended up paying a considerable price related to its relationship with the outside no concessions to fashion, to the rules and conventions of the world and of modern civilization.

In the totality of his work - from the fantastic cities besieged by space ships and ships carrying soldiers dressed in the manner of hussars mid-800, to arrive at the figures, the elves and portraits, Vignali declares all its strangeness to a world that does not recognize as a model home and a life that from an early age led him instead to look with deep interest the light and the environments of the countries of Northern Europe.


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