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Thursday 30 June 2022
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Lombard July 2013

Nocera Umbra (PG) - On July Lombard, historical and commemoration events Lombard age, will be held July 26 to 28 in the heart of the ancient village Nocera. This year's theme is "The Lombards in Nocera." While in the large hall of the Municipal Art Gallery teachers and scholars will discuss various aspects of the Lombard civilization and its impact on the area, a great golf town square set nell'antistante propose scenes of everyday life and crafts to soak in the atmosphere of the time.

Also in fourteenth-century Franciscan Museum also alongside masterpieces of Umbrian art, you can admire an exhibition of objects, kits, weapons and clothes Lombards (reproductions).
Wandering among the tents of the camp, animated by re-enactors of the School of Fencing Ancient Fortinbras Veregrense, appearing in suits reconstructed in detail show the public the occupations of the day, crafts, clothing typical of women and the warrior. An expert will accompany visitors to the discovery of the field and its players, who prefer spectacular moments will instead attend exciting demonstrations of combat.

Regarding instead the conference, there will be two days of work. The first session, Saturday, July 27 starting at 15, will be of a scientific nature and will focus on Lombard presence in Nocera and around starting right from the important excavations of 1897-8.
After the intervention of the authorities, there are three relationships. Dr. Elena Percivaldi (historical and scientific coordinator of the Lombard July) will talk about "The first excavations of the necropolis Lombard: A Brief History", prof. Marco Valenti (University of Siena) will deal with "The Lombards of Nocera Umbra. Since the discovery of the necropolis to the interpretative models "and prof. Vasco La Salvia (University of Chieti), "The Necropolis of Castel Trosino and the presence in the Lombard area in middle Dalmatia."
Sunday, 28 July (starting at 15) will instead be the time dedicated to art and books. The dr. Valter Bernardini (art historian) will tell the approach of the Lombards to the figurative arts: "The makers of stones and metals. Lombard art in the kingdom of Italy and to Nocera "is the title of his speech. Next, will be presented on DVD, produced by the Pro Loco in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia, entitled "July Lombard." The documentary, shot in the field of history during the last edition, 2012, constitutes a veritable "guided tour" back in time that allows you to meet "face to face" our ancestors and understand - thanks to the explanations of Dr. Percivaldi and Diego Giulietti, Captain of the School of Fencing Ancient Fortinbras Veregrense - characteristics and lifestyles.
Space finally to the written word with two book presentations: Dr.. Indelli Thomas (University of Salerno), will explain his latest essay "Langobardia. The Lombards in Italy "and the prof. Mario Lucidi (writer) his novel "The warrior-headed dog."

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