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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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The Christmas tree in Gubbio

Gubbio (PG) - Built on the slopes of Mount Ingino overlooking the medieval town of Gubbio, the Tree is made up of various types of lighting to create a very special and unique color effect: more than 250 points of light green outline the shape of a Christmas tree more than 650 meters high with the central body littered with over 300 multicolored lights and a star on top of the installed area of ​​about 1,000 square meters designed by over 200 points of light.

It 'a realization came in 1991 in the Guinness Book of World Records; remains lit throughout the Christmas period and then shuts off after the Epiphany.
Tens of thousands of people come every year in Gubbio during the Christmas period just to see the Tree.

The realization is curated each year by a group of "Alberalioli" who perform this action not for a reward, but for the love of this symbol of brotherhood and friendship and pure devotion to the patron St. Ubaldo and the city of Gubbio. The tree, despite its grandeur, can unleash a civil elegance that is passed on to those who admire him and encourages him to bring out those virtues which sometimes goes unnoticed in everyday life: Patience, Understanding, Kindness, Tolerance and Kindness. These virtues are able to bring out strong feelings that resist the erosion of time and allow men to forgive and shake hands and maintain confidence in the next.

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