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Tuesday 06 June 2023
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Umbria Rock Festival

Massa Martana (PG) -

The first edition of Umbria Rock Festival will take place August 1 to 3 in Massa Martana (Pg) with some of the most important artists of the international music scene: Kaiser Chiefs, Paul Weller, The Charlatans, Basement Jaxx, Peter Hook and the Light, James , The Cribs, The Courteeneers.

To top it all, a stage surrounded by greenery and a camping area in the frame of the Umbrian countryside Mountains Martan.

During the three days of music, nature, fun and fellowship will screen a selection of films nominated for the BAFTA.

Produced by Asha Music of the English businessman Yashwant Bajaj, the festival can count on the support of the Region of Umbria, Perugia Province, Municipality of Massa Martana Perugiassisi Foundation in 2019 and the British Council.

The ingredients for a music festival that will leave a mark are all there. High level musicians and a stage was added to a dream location in unspoiled, with Umbria which is confirmed as a land of music and big events.

The first edition of Umbria Rock Festival promises to be a unique musical experience: three days (1, 2 and 3 August) in which the most historic rock, indie most modern and best electronic music will be combined for a full immersion in the heart of Italy and Umbria, with the intention of bringing here the typical atmosphere of the big international festivals and combine the festival-British cultures with the renowned beauty of the Umbrian landscape. In fact, Umbria Rock Festival promises to be a memorable event thanks to the uniqueness of the festival which is a few kilometers from the historic center of Massa Martana, location made ​​even more attractive by the presence of the church of "Santa Maria in Pantano" built between the seventh and eighth century AD as a backdrop to one of the most extraordinary line-up of the European musical scene.

Kaiser Chiefs, Paul Weller, The Charlatans, Basement Jaxx, Peter Hook and the Light, James, The Cribs, The Courteeneers and many other artists will take turns on stage at the new festival was born from the deep passion for the music of the English businessman who Yashwant Bajaj with a long experience in the field of international festivals, he conceived and organized the event with the support of local institutions such as the Region of Umbria, Perugia Province, Municipality of Massa Martana Foundation Perugiassisi 2019 the British Council.

The Festival is produced by Asha Music, a multinational company based in Singapore involved in the organization and promotion of musical events and festivals, directed precisely by   father of Umbria Rock. Tied Umbria since 1988, after over twenty-five years of contact with   the region, "Yash" Bajaj has expressed a desire to return to the territory (eight years Martana Massa is now his second home) value and international visibility thanks to the music.

And that between rock music and nature in general, it is a marriage that has lasted since '69, when, in the town of Bethel in upstate New York, took the first real life Woodstock rock festival in history. Forty-five years later, then comes Umbria Rock Festival, three days to live the collective spirit of fun and fellowship of its major international festivals. In fact, if for a long time in Italy the idea of the festival was associated with racetracks and city parks, Umbria Rock aims to be a real news, thanks to a stage surrounded by greenery and a camping area in the frame of Martani and in the heart of the Umbrian countryside, to fully enjoy the three days of music, fun, nature and friendship.

The stage of Umbria Rock as host some of the most important artists on the international scene. Headlining Friday's opening will be Basement Jaxx, the British duo that will bring on the stage of the festival also the dance and electronic sounds, aligning the event even more to the great international festivals in recent years. And also, the Kaiser Chiefs fresh release of the new album on the summits of the British charts, Paul Weller "the modfather" the father of British mod that certainly does not need an introduction, Peter Hook and the Light a welcome return to Italy for the founder of Joy Division and New Order, and then The Charlatans, James, The Cribs, The Courteneers, Jason Ridell, BMX Bandits as well as Apache Darling, Be Forest,   Filippo Graziani, Re-TROS and Elara Caluna.

But Umbria Rock is also sensitive to the music of the youngest and he proved by running a contest for new bands (the questions were collected until 30 June) in collaboration with Mei (Meeting of Independent Faenza). The opportunity will be offered to an artist or band Italian, after a committee made ​​up of leaders of Umbria Rock and Mei will choose the winner from among the members, is to go on stage Umbria Rock Festival and to share it the evening of August 2 with Paul Weller, rock icon worldwide.

Umbria Rock is not just a music festival like the others to even more enrich its offer will be presented to the best works of music and cinema. During the three-day festival will be projected a selection of films nominated for the BAFTA award, in addition to those winners.

The Festival, finally, also seeks volunteers to be included in the staff for organizing the event. Who wants to play a leading role in the creation of the first edition of Umbria Rock can send your resume (ability to work in teams, and desire to do good knowledge of English are the main characteristics required of candidates) to the e-mail volunteers. umbriarock@gmail.com . Further information may be obtained by calling the Info-point of Massa Martana (tel. 075 8951001, every day from 16.00 to 19.00).

The promotion of Umbria Rock Festival also contributes Pleasure Magazine, which is not only a media partner of the event with its free press in regional spread, but immediately gave an effective support to the creation of the festival, embracing the project and doing it through between the organizers and operators and local institutions.



The line-up of Umbria Rock Festival


Friday, August 1

The first day will be accepted and the hottest music gettonata of Europe, to give the audience a fantastic start with indie, rock, electro-folk and even 'Afro-punk'. And as if this was not already a great way to start the weekend, you can watch the incredible live performances of the artists most anticipated: The Basement Jaxx and the inimitable Peter Hook and The Light (Joy Division, New Order).

Apache Darling

Well Forest

Filippo Graziani

Basement Jaxx

Peter Hook and The Light


Saturday, August 2nd

The second day will host on stage legends of rock and indie music. There you can unleash with "The Modfather" Paul Weller (The Jam), and The Charlatans and Courteeners. The Chinese indie bands Rebuilding the Rights of Statues will then give a truly international flavor to the festival.


The Charlatans

The Courteeneers

Paul Weller


Sunday, August 3rd

An amazing finale is scheduled for the third day in Umbria Rock Festival. The perfect end to the weekend with music will be live performances by '80s pop-rockers such as BMX Bandits and The Cribs, emerging indie artists like Jason or Ridell of the most popular James. Not to mention the most anticipated, the incredible Kaiser Chiefs.

Elara Caluna

The Cribs


Jason Ridell

BMX Bandits

Kaiser Chiefs



Info and Tickets

Tickets are on sale on the site www.umbriarockfestival.com on major platforms and on-line sales (Ticketone, Liveticket, Vivaticket Clubticket).


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