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Wednesday 29 March 2023
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Umbria FOLK FESTIVAL - Full program

Orvieto (TR) - From 08/19/14 to 23/08/14. Orvieto, Piazza del Popolo.

Umbria FOLK FESTIVAL 2014 - The Feast of the Earth - 8th edition
Presentation of the program June 27, 11.00 am at the foyer of the Teatro Mancinelli.
The "Earth" is the central theme and the founding of the event, an opportunity to raise social awareness in defense of Mother Earth. An exciting journey through music, folk traditions, local products, historical places, different cultures. One of the most important summer music on the Umbrian territory and national levels.


August 14 to 23 - People's Palace - Expo Hall - Exhibition of Rural Life. "The future has an ancient heart." Farm equipment, engines and vintage items, books and posters, curated by Fiorangelo Silvestri. Free admission
Earth Market - Largo Mazzini - People's Square
Arts Market - Republic Square

Music program of the Festival:

August 19

19.00 - Piazza del Popolo (departure and return) - aperitif and FOLKTREKKING country. The Ring of the Cliff by Ambrogio Sparagna in collaboration with the PAAO (Archaeological Park Environmental Orvieto). Walk around the rock of Orvieto with itinerant music stops and animated in some archaeological sites.

21.00 - Tavern Folk - DINNER COUNTRY (biglietteria@teatromancinelli.it reservations tel. 0763.340493)
21.30 - MAMMA LI TURKEY (Salento folk music and bell). COMPANY LAUNDRESSES TUSCIA Wash Sing

August 20

20.00 - Tavern Folk - DINNER Pugliese (biglietteria@teatromancinelli.it reservations tel. 0763.340493)
21.30 - CAPAREZZA MUSEICATOUR. Caparezza, histrionic artist from Puglia, choose to Orvieto as a new stage of Museica after the huge success of the 2011 edition of Umbria Folk Festival, Tour
24.00 - CONTEST Fernando Maiotti "Rain." A festival of emerging groups of Orvieto, young bands of local folk., Who will perform (one every evening) on ​​the second stage of Umbria Folk Festival. At best training will be awarded the prize "Fernando Maiotti." Malandragem (reggae - dub electronica - latin rock). The project was born in 2012 in Etruscan soil in which it is going to blend sounds from many different areas of music.

August 21

20 hours Tavern Folk - ETHNIC DINNER (biglietteria@teatromancinelli.it reservations tel. 0763.340493)
21.00 - RAPHAEL SIMEONI. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer of the most brilliant of the Italian folk revival.
21.30 - Asaf Avidan. There are artists who have magic in their voices and Asaf Avidan is without a doubt one of them. After the show Sanremo 2013, the Israeli artist from androgynous voice returns to Italy with BACK TO BASICS TOUR.
23.00 - BOMBINO Nomad Tour. Desert-rock guitarist and composer, Bombino refers to the sounds typical of 60-70 years, from Jimi Hendrix to Jimmy Page, placing them in a blues-rock matrix enriched by American vocalism in Tamasheq, the language of the Tuareg.
24.00 - CONTEST Fernando Maiotti "Rain." UnderPop (ukulele power) musical project of reinterpretation of Italian songs of various kinds.

August 22

20.00 - Tavern Folk - Dinner Roman (biglietteria@teatromancinelli.it reservations tel. 0763.340493)
21.00 - MAMMA ROMA GOODBYE. Lavinia Mancusi. BandaJorona, Ardecore, the Wall of Song. Jami Smith. A show made by the three bands considered at the time by the public and the press the so-called new music popular Roman (the Wall of Song, Ardecore, BandaJorona). Special guest Luca Barbarossa.
24.00 - CONTEST Fernando Maiotti "Rain." No Elena (music copyright).

August 23 - FEAST OF THE EARTH. An evening dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Emergency

20.00 - Tavern Folk. DINNER OF THE EARTH (biglietteria@teatromancinelli.it reservations tel. 0763.340493)
21.00 - THE DRAGON BAGPIPE From Celtic music, a blast from the past between medieval music and folk sounds with a group of bagpipes and drums.
21.30 - HEVIA. The bagpiper Jose Angel Hevia Velasco, a native of the region of Asturias, is among the most honored musicians in Spain in the last decade of valuable prizes.
23.00 - YOUTH ORCHESTRA OF FOLK MUSIC directed by AMBROSE SPARAGNA with the participation of Vocal Quintet Popolare di Orvieto, Hevia and other guests.
24.00 - CONTEST Fernando Maiotti "Rain." Richard (singer-songwriter-folk) Richard Gialletti, young folk singer-songwriter soul.

Info: www.umbriafolkfestival.it Tel 0763.340422 (0763.340493 July 24)
Assoc. Teatro Mancinelli TE.MA. Tel 0763.340422
Assoc. Umbria Folk Festival Cell 349.7292550 347.8283686 338.7541231
Press promozione@teatromancinelli.it 0763.531496 338.9795570 338.8485333 maurizioquattrini@yahoo.it
Tickets: www.ticketitalia.com www.ticketone.it courts and their authorized retailers
Until July 23, Caffè del Teatro Mancinelli (Corso Cavour, 122) from Tuesday to Thursday 10-18, Friday 10-20 and Saturday hours lunch break
From July 24 to August 2, office of the Teatro Mancinelli (Corso Cavour, 122) from Thursday to Saturday 10-13 and 16-18 tel. 0763.340493 biglietteria@teatromancinelli.it Cafe Theatre on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 13-16
August 4, office of the Teatro Mancinelli every day (except Sunday) 10-13 and 16-18
Cafe Theatre every day (except Sundays) Hours 13-16

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