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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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WIN Arnense in RIPA

Perugia (PG) - From June 19 to 22 in Ripa di Perugia opens its doors to the event

WIN Arnense in RIPA

The Palio Arnense stems from a series historical research and proposes, in updated form, the ancient feast of St. Anthony, which, since 1593 was celebrated in the two parishes of Ripa: that of the Parish of St. Mary and St. Emiliano.


The local tourist Ripa once again for 16 years, the event in which they are expertly blended elements of the religious tradition of the rural world with those of the historical re-enactment.

For this purpose the country, again divided into two ancient parishes of the Parish of St. Emiliano and said mezzieri, plunges into the past becoming animated with the colors, scents, flavors (in the tavern) and the characters of that distant period at the end of the Renaissance The streets and squares of the castle of Ripa for three nights, is again alive with nobles and commoners who, after thanking the saint for his intercession in favor of the good performance of the agricultural parade (more than one hundred), the streets of the castle Ripa, up to "Campo della Lizza", where the samples of the two districts, will compete in the popular games of the time.

The games for the award of the prize:

They are:

that of Morra;
Shot of the shape of the cheese;
Shot of the rope

and, for women:

Race with the canestre head.

THE Morra
RACE WITH Canestre

On Sunday evening, after the Cavalcade of St. Anthony (horse ride along some paths of the area Arnate), the most stalwart young people from both factions will compete in the "RACE DELL'ACCATTO" with the basket that once again, mo 'competition the collection that made the two priors of St. Anthony when, aided by robust boys, went to the countryside to begging for the feast of the saint.


The Palio:
Following the idea of ​​making you feel young main protagonists of the re-enactment, for some years, the graphic design of the Palio is provided by an internal competition among the students of the Art Institute Bernardino di Betto of Perugia; specifically are the students of the pictorial section that, on the theme proposed by us, realize the sketches including, a committee of professors and experts, choose the best.

The Tavern:
dishes that are based on those of the Renaissance tested by well-known food historian Prof. Salvatore Pezzella and carried out by Carvajal (cook) Master Ezio. In addition, for some years now, the dishes are made with local produce in Miles 0 (0 Km campaign of respect for the environment).

The exhibitions:
To frame all this there is the castle of Ripa, an architectural jewel of the thirteenth century that, properly lit and decked offers its narrow streets for significant exhibitions.


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