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Saturday 10 December 2022
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Opera Fumetto

Orvieto (TR) - Orvieto (Tr). On May 8th the old town centre of Orvieto will be resounding with a mass happening featuring a thousand people for Opera Fumetto. Conceived by composer and musician Arturo Annechino, this event is intended to stand as an expression of creativity and an opening towards the unknown, the primitive, the primeval and other forms of archaic, pre-linguistic communication.

Opera Fumetto is a ‘destructured’ opera that nonetheless retains many of the features one would normally expect, from an orchestra to singing voices, recitatives, a choir and a ballet. The setting will be the streets and squares of the old town centre, occupied by a vast choir/procession reminiscent of the ritual, popular events of Medieval Umbria. The music is a kaleidoscopic mix of a variety of styles, from rap to funky and classical.

The programme in fact includes three choir/processions, with all the participants dressed in black and white and wearing yellow gloves. Each procession will leave respectively from Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica and the Teatro Mancinelli, all bound for Piazza del Popolo to the sound of a virtuoso piano and band concerto played in a crescendo of percussion, string orchestra, soprano and four voice choir. Starting time roughly 6.45pm, at dusk.
Info: Associazione Rane22 Tel 0763.530870 - info@operafumetto.it

[Source: Umbria OnLine]


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