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Wednesday 29 March 2023
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Memories sung. War raids and massacres in the oral culture of the Umbria-Marche.

Nocera Umbra (PG) -

Friday, August 22 at the Villaggio Le Prata, ten kilometers from Nocera Umbra, starting at 17, the second edition of Memories sung, organized by the Institute for Contemporary History in Umbria, by the "Monte Selva 'and by' ANPI, Section "17 April", in collaboration with the Regional Institute for the history of the liberation movement in the Marche.

This initiative is very unusual, perhaps unique in the panorama of Italian culture; two Institutes historical articulate their research intertwining with the vocation of the two associations strongly present in the territory and return to provisional results. Subject of research are the songs that were composed after World War II in the mountain nocerina the border with the Marches by unknown authors of the place. It is in verse narrative songs that tell
the pain and suffering endured by the people during the raids and massacres committed by the Wehrmacht and the German SS units in the Apennines in April-May 1944.

This poetic production, which now had assumed a function of elaborating collective mourning, had a good spread due to the work of storytellers who went to the fifties in local markets. It has left its mark among the old inhabitants of the mountain; slender though present, intended for generational reasons to disappear. The researchers dell'Isuc and dell'Irslm have counted and recorded the songs gathered so far, and next Friday it will offer some, performed live by the witnesses Coccia Graziano, Anthony Dominici, Argelia Mingarelli and Settimio Riboloni. Will be distributed leaflets of the storyteller that collecting the texts contribute to perpetrarne memory.

Among the pop-rock bands of national scope, the Gang of brothers Sandro and Marino Severini is certainly one that in its long history has been able to interpret the spirit of research. The brothers Severini will be present at Le Prata suggesting that part of their repertoire that covers events of war and resistance occurred in the Marche region. During the show will work in one of the houses of the village a section called Visiting memories. Will be shown about four hundred historical photographs, partly gathered during the last edition, accompanied by captions still provisional and partial. The visitors, with the help of two assistants dell'Isuc be able to complete these captions and propose new photographic material, which will be worth reproduced by the association "Monte Selva".

Will also open a Book Shoop with outputs of recent publications on the war and the resistance in the area.

The event, coordinated by the President dell'Isuc Mario Tosti, will be attended by Congressman Walter Verini, the mayor of Nocera Umbra John Bontempi, Mario Bravo, regional secretary of the CGIL Umbria, Francis Myrtles, president of the PNA of Nocera Umbra, Danijela Đjurđiević, president of the Friends of Montenegro in Italy and Dino Renato Nardelli dell'Isuc, author and manager of the project. A night that ended the official speeches, will continue into the night between picturesque mountains on the notes faded from collective memory to protect, read, preserve; magical atmosphere, supported by a bar where you can taste the flavors of the local cuisine.

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