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Thursday 08 December 2022
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The Pooh in concert

Bastia Umbra (PG) - It will be the Umbria Fiere exhibition center of Bastia Umbra for hosting on July 6th the only date for the summer tour of Umbria POOH "Opera in Second Tour", which has been sold out with more than 70 thousand visitors during the 50 dates theater of the last few months.
The new series of concerts will touch the open-air theaters, arenas and important Italian squares and historic sites.
"After fifty concerts in theaters, you depart for the summer tour, again with the orchestra, always
with "Opera II" - tell Roby Facchinetti, Dodi Battaglia and Red Canzian - This
concert gave our music the preciousness of the pure sound of the orchestra and for us the
sharing our emotions with so many talented musicians and we would like this experience
continue for much longer! "
Roby, Dodi and Red, with Danilo Ballo added on keyboards and Phil Mer on drums, are
in concert with the great songs of their careers, for the first time together on tour
by a symphony orchestra: the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra conducted by James

The last record of POOH, "OPERA SECOND" (Trio / Artist First) is a "concept album" that contains, in a pack precious and unique, 11 tracks of the band's career rearranged with a symphony orchestra of 67 elements (formed by musicians from the best symphony in Italy), in collaboration with Danilo Dance (who took care of the arrangements) and Phil Mer (on drums). The album also contains a duet with Claudio Baglioni and a duet with Mario Biondi.
The songs are all connected to each other as a true work, a long and fascinating suite features a unique sense of narrative and music.
Roby, Dodi and Red so describe the disc: "The orchestra is the fourth Pooh, he co-starred with
band, but modern with classic sounds. The project is not a kind of compilation disguise, but
something more. "
Italian Radio is the official radio station of "Opera in Second Tour".

The concert is organized by Bastia Umbra Things Music in collaboration with Top Agency
Group, with the support of the City of Bastia Umbra

Presale: www.ticketone.it - ​​www.ciaotickets.com - www.go2.it

Info: 085.4462353 - 360.913394

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