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Monday 24 September 2018
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Aviglianesi August 2014

Avigliano Umbro (TR) -

The 'August Aviglianesi will open the first fortnight of August, August 1 to 15, wowing the Summer evenings of all visitors with:

musical performances,
sporting events,
children's events with the inevitable train through the streets of the country,
and the Osteria del Cicchio, the music festival most loved by young people!

L 'Osteria del Cicchio festival reggae, folk, ska, popular. Cicchio The dances are endless and so many endless drinking. The Cicchio is stay together.
The Cicchio are important hosts and great friends: Altrocanto Reserve Moac, drunk Statues, RedSka, Jolebalalla, Porto Flamingo, District Coffee, Macola and Vibronda, Etnorchestra, Wogiagia, Red Stripes, Southern Folk, Tresca, Il Pozzo di San Patrizio and many more ...!

For more information:

Robert: 3490682511
Julia: 3389656637
Mirko: 3391238707
email: prolocoavigliano@libero.it

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