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Saturday 10 December 2022
Italiano English


Elocution and Expressive Reading Course

Perugia (PG) -



Library Villa Urbani

via Plumes, 19 (off Via XX Settembre)

from 22 September to 'December 1, 2014

11 weekly meetings on Monday evenings from 20:30 to 22:30.

The first two meetings 22 and 29 September are free

The word is relationship. The voice is the means by which the word is expressed; with it you can talk, explain, persuade, teach, seduce, in short, allows us to correlate all activities of daily living. Be aware of your voice as an instrument is thus improve their communication skills and relationship.

The Diction course and Expressive Reading is open to all, young people and adults, who for professional reasons, personal, or just for fun, feel the need to speak with correct pronunciation and articulation, and the ability to read expressively. It may be useful to those who need to talk or read to an audience or in public - parents, students, teachers, faculty, staff, public, religious, managers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, travel guides, representatives, speakers, singers, etc ... - or people who want to embark on a journey of self-awareness.

Knowing your own voice as an instrument helps you to gain greater confidence in speaking in public, it is useful to increase their active listening skills, improves the perception of the hidden meanings behind the words unspoken.

Stages of labor

- Anatomy and physiology of the voice: the organs of speech and their operation

- Body relaxation aimed at restoring the breathing diaphragm

- Exercises for correct breathing and speech production

- Elements of non-verbal language

- Recognition of some problems: high voices, shrill, sibilant, weak, monotonous chanting, etc ...

- Language para-

- The six elements of the expressive voice

- The articulation

- Study of the rules of Italian diction neutral contemporary

- Correction of cadences dialect

- Expressive reading

Objectives: To improve your pronunciation and articulation; you can choose to speak in Italian or dialect; strengthen the voice as an instrument; improve their ability to read aloud and speaking in public.

Number of participants: The course has a limited number, maximum 12 participants.

Duration: 11 meetings of two hours each every week.

Certificate: those who attend at least 75% of lessons will receive a certificate of attendance.

Venue: The course takes place in the halls of the Municipal Library in Villa Urbani via Plumes, 19.

  Cost: € 210 per person for the entire course, payable in two or more installments. + For new members € 20 annual registration and insurance.

A small facilitation: The public school teachers of each grade, students in each grade and registered unemployed for at least six months are entitled to 10% discount.

The Diction course is to ALWAYS: The Expressive Reading Course in Diction and wants to be a real gym linguistics; therefore, those who participate once Diction course and Expressive Reading can rifrequentarlo free as an auditor. For each course are made ​​available to one or two places by the Hearing Officer.

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Phone: 3926019507
Email: inforinoceronteteatro.it
Website: http://www.rinoceronteteatro.it/

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