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Monday 17 February 2020
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International Award Golden Valentine

Terni (TR) - Saturday, March 8 in Terni, at 17.30 hours at the Blue Room "Palazzo Gazzoli" (Via del Teatro Romano, 16) will be held the ceremony for the International Prize "Golden Valentine" organized by the "Committee for the Prize giving a message of love, "President Elvira Arch think, with the support of the Regional Council and the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Terni, Umbria Region, the Municipality of Terni, Events Valentinians and the Chamber of Commerce of Terni.

The award, established in 1969 by Augustine thinks, and the personalities who have distinguished themselves with a particular love and commitment in their activities and occupation. They have collaborated in the selection of the winners of the Rose Dr. Roberto Fabrini (Councillor to Events Valentinians and Tourism of the Municipality of Terni), Dr. Salvatore Grillo (Deputy Prefect of Perugia), Dr. Carla Piro, Dr. Paul Zavattini, Master Antonio Tamburro, Arch. Fabio Bernardi.
The poster for the 44th edition was made by Antonio Tamburro, awarded in the last edition for art.
The ceremony and presented the Advocate Mark Francescangeli and will be entertained by musical performances by Tony Edi Choir conducted by Maestro Paolo De Santis.
Will be present in Terni to enrich the list of winners:
GIANCARLO BOZZO, show SANDRO CARLETTI, medicine Geologos Sin Fronteras ITALY NGO, humanitarian work OSSOLA RAPHAEL, SIMONA Scocchetti art, sport Fabrizio Tamburini, scientific research.

International Prize "Golden Valentine" "Committee for the award of a message of love" cp 143-05100 Terni tel. and fax 0744.42 82 33

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